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rose buttercream plant pot cupcakes.

Rose Cupcakes
Rose Cupcakes Recipe

With February as the month of luuurve, I thought I'd try my had at some Valentine's inspired recipes. I recently bought this rose shape nozzle which I just couldn't wait to try out. So simple to use with lots of different flower shaped nozzles too! I don't know about you, but I'd sooner have 12 flower pot cupcakes than a dozen roses? 

Shopping list.
(Make six large or twelve small cupcakes)
♥ 120g unsalted butter
♥ 120g caster sugar
♥ Two medium free range eggs 
♥ 100g self raising flower
♥ 20g cocoa powder 

For the buttercream topping and decoration
♥ 100g unsalted butter
♥ 200g icing sugar
♥ Marzipan or sugar pasta
♥ Food colour of your choice plus the rose shaped nozzle.
♥ Leaf shaped cutter

Plant Pot Cupcakes
Chocolate Plant Pot Cupcakes

Preheat your oven to 190 degrees c.

Step one. To make the cupcakes, began by beating the butter and sugar together. Mix in the eggs and lastly the flour and coca powder.

Step two. Divide between your cupcake cases or plant pot moulds. Bake for 12-15 minutes (for larger sizes) until a skewer comes out clean when inserted into the centre of your cupcake. Allow to complete cool before decorating.

Rose Shaped Piping Nozzle
Rose Shaped Piping Nozzle Review

Step three. Whip together your icing and butter for the buttercream. I personally like to use my KitchenAid balloon whisk attachment on a high speed for this. I then flavoured my buttercream with a dash of espresso which went well with the chocolate sponge - totally up to you if you want to flavour it but you may need an extra 10g of icing sugar to compensate for the extra liquid.

Step four. Separate the buttercream and colour green and pink. Here I used spruce green and a drop of scarlet red which I find is more of a dark pink.

Step five. Use a star or grass nozzle to pipe out the green "grass" on to your cupcake. 

Step six. Add on your green marzipan leaves, which can be made ahead if need be.

Step seven. Lastly, pipe out your rose shapes using the nozzle. Ta da!

Rose Nozzle Cupcakes
Valentines Recipes
Valentines Cupcake Recipes UK

Have you ever tried any of the floral icing nozzles or plant pot cupcake cases? I'd love to see your recipes! Will you be baking your way to someone's heart this Valentine's Day?

I'm adding this recipe to the We Should Cocoa round up from Choclette at Tin & Thyme with the theme of butter!


  1. OOOH so pretty! Please make these for me!!!!!!!! :-)

  2. Oh, how very clever Emily. Really love these cupcakes and they'd be great for gardening types too. Would fit in well with this month's We Should Cocoa, if you fancied joining in.

  3. I love those mini plant pots! So cute! Beautiful decoration too :)

  4. Wow. These are amazing cupcakes. Love to use them on my wedding desserts. Thanks for sharing dear.

  5. Ha ha ha...great idea, these look fantastic! I love your sense of creativity. I bet they taste fab :)

  6. What a fab idea! I'll have to give these a try.

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  8. Work of art!!

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  11. Aww, these looked lovely! Very cute giveaway especially for friends who loves gardening!

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