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wagamama summer arrivals.

last weekend during a little shopping trip to st albans i had a cheeky bite to eat in wagamama. we though we'd just have a couple of starters and a salad to share - and i loved their new arrivals so much that i just had to post about it! 

the prawns were lovely and juicy, the chicken was almost melt in the mouth and i can only assume the sauces and marinades they use are made by some japanese god. the salad was fresh and the new berry drink had got to be at least 3 out of my five a day, right?

lollipop prawn kushiyaki £5.95 
skewers of grilled prawns marinated in lemongrass, lime and chilli. glazed with a sweet-sour and hot sauce and served with a caramelised lime 

negima yakitori £5.55 
skewers of grilled chicken and spring onions coated in yakitori sauce 

raw salad £3.20
mixed leaves, red onions, mooli and carrot. garnished with fried shallots an 

orange berry bang - regular (new) £3.20 
orange juice, mixed berries and passion fruit 

green tea - free!

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