homemade crab ravioli with mascarpone, lemon and dill.

shopping list.
makes one large portion or two small.

for the pasta
♥ 100g "00" grade white flour
♥ one egg

for the crab filling
♥ one tin of white crab meat
♥ 100g mascarpone cheese
♥ the juice of one lemon
♥ one tablespoon of dill

begin by making pasta, with a machine, like in my first attempt at homemade pasta post. you pretty much use 100g flour to one egg. this was a really big portion for myself and i didn't actually end up eating it all. but it was very therapeutic to make! :) the actual pasta making takes around 15 minutes and the crab filling takes next to no time to mix together. 

i begun by making the pasta and letting it dry out in strips whilst i made the filling, i then cut it into (rather rustic) rectangles to fold over a heaped teaspoon of the crab mixture and pinch to seal.

to make the filling, i literally took each ingredient and put it together in steps. this was my first time guessing the ratios for this recipe and i was really happy with the results. once in the parcels, boil for around 3-5 minutes and serve with black pepper and parmesan cheese  - i didn't really see the need for a sauce as i wanted to really taste the crab. 

if you like this, maybe try my version of nigella's crab linguine. i hadn't experimented with the pasta machine at this point so i'm afraid it's shop bought linguine. 


  1. Looks and sounds excellent! I am loving crab at the minute but never considered making ravioli - thanks for the inspiration.

  2. That's okay - glad you like the look of it! I have a Nathan Outlaw book with some really nice looking crab cakes I might try soon!

    Emily xx

  3. A lovely meal. I added cubed pancetta to my dish which added an interesting dimension. It's a quick, easy meal which proved to be a hit when I cooked it.

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