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valentine's bakewell tarts.

shopping list
♥ 100g butter
♥ 125 caster sugar
♥ 150g ground almonds
♥ three eggs

♥ strawberry jam
♥ 100g icing sugar

♥ 100g glace cherries
♥ 375g ready made sweet shortcrust pastry

to make your own pastry
♥ 200g plain white flour
♥ 100g butter
♥ one egg
♥ two tbsp icing sugar

i found this bakewell tart recipe whilst browsing on the baking mad recipe. and seeing as st. valentine's day is coming up, i thought i'd put the glace cherries in a little heart too. 

i used 4" x 4" baking tins to make 8 little bakewell tarts and used a little more icing sugar than the recipe actually says. not sure if this is just my sweet tooth!

i'm never really ashamed of using ready to roll pastry either since they're such good quality - of course it'd be better to make your own and i've never actually tried it using icing sugar.

this was a really fun recipe and my eight-year-old sister even managed to keep up. cracking her first perfect egg... a brilliant achievement for the little baker (see cheesy grin in picture six). so watch this space :) 

oh and if you liked this you might like my lemon and almond tart... with lemon curd instead of strawberry or raspberry jam.

happy valentine's! ♥

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