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fluffy puff puffs: the gourmet marshmallow.

well don't these look divine? they tasted brilliant too. when louisa cefaz, creator and owner of fluffy puff puffs got in touch to see if i'd like to try out her sweet creations i obviously jumped at the chance ( i mean, look at them! these are the times i really wish i had a better camera!)

but gourmet marshmallows? i'd never heard of anything like this before and really wanted to know more about her inspiration behind the tasty treats. 

so here is a little interview with louisa about how fluffy puff puffs came to be and what is to come...

what was your inspiration behind the business?
"after university i struggled to find a good job, unemployed for over a year i ended up working part time in retail. i had bigger aspirations for myself and had to get out of that environment.
"initially the idea was to sell hot chocolate on a market stall and i was trying to think of various accompaniments that would go with the hot drink.  marshmallows were perfect so I decided to stick with that theme and make them gourmet."
how do you decide on a new flavour?
"classic sweet desserts inspire the flavours i create with the mallows, i always like to see how i can translate the recipe into a marshmallow. for example the key lime pie is a popular american dessert, I took that recipe, modified it and created it a key lime mallow with a ginger biscuit base.
"the chocolate peanut butter drizzle mallows were created out of curiosity, i was teaching myself how to temper chocolate and I just added salted peanut butter to the chocolate as a joke. it was really tasty. the salty peanut butter really complemented the sweet white chocolate and the bitter dark chocolate, i drizzled it onto a vanilla bean mallow and  sold it via my website. it's been a hit ever since, everybody loves it!"

are there any new flavours to come?
"i will be bringing out some new flavours such as salted caramel, more fruit flavours and i'll definitely be experimenting with mixing two different flavours within a mallow.

what's your favourite combination?
"i like contrasting flavours so the salty peanut butter works great with the sweet chocolate. the tart, sharp citrus fruits also taste amazing against the sugary mallow."

what's next for fluffy puff puffs?
"i would like to see fluffy puff puffs grow into the leading gourmet marshmallow production company in the uk. the usa has a huge marshmallow company - my vision is to emulate their business strategy but the difference is that i'm re-defining the humble marshmallow into artisanal treat. i experiment with biscuit bases, dark chocolate, peanut butter, citrus juices e.t.c that gives a real twist on the mallow. of course my aim is see my marshmallows on the supermarket shelves but i've got a long way to go and a lot of hard work!"

thanks again louisa for sending me a few to try and shedding some insight on the company and most importantly... the amazing (but secret) recipes. i wish her the best of luck with her business venture :) my personal favourites were the dark chocolate with peanut butter drizzle or the sugar and spice (a bit like cinnamon). i don't tend to like fruity flavours except in real fruit (though i should say these contain no artificial nastiness) so wasn't as keen on these. my favourite of the fruit ones was probably lemon punch as it was so fresh tasting like a lemon meringue! 

what do you think your favourite would be? 
don't you think they'd make the cutest gift or maybe as wedding favours?