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white chocolate and ginger blondies.

after seeing these on ellie bee's blog what ellie's baking i just had to try them. white chocolate and ginger - how could i resist? 

based on one of edd kimber's, i used exactly the same measurements of ingredients as on her blog post (except i didn't add cloves as i'm personally not keen on them) and found it really easy to follow. warning: highly picture based post! :)

i began by combining the spices, sugar and butter like so...

next, i whisked in the two eggs.

combine the sugary mix with the baking powder, plain flour and salt.

at this point you can stir through the white chocolate - or what i like to do - pour the mix into the tin or tray and then poke in all the white chocolate pieces so they are distributed evenly.

bake for 30 minutes at 180 degrees.

this made 12 scrummy blondies... voila!

if you like the look of this recipe - head over to ellie's blog for manyyyy more sweet treats! and of course - now you can find out the actual ingredients and quantities :)

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