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teapigs cocktails: jasmine gin fizz and lemon and ginger mojito tea.

summer glorious summer... is it finally here? long evenings at weekends full of cocktails, posh cider and barbecue food - i just can't wait! when i saw that teapigs were inviting bloggers to try out their tea in the form of cocktails and ice tea i couldn't wait. 

i first heard of teapigs when i worked at a lovely little deli during uni. i can't believe how many more flavours there are since i tried their good old english breakfast tea and refreshing peppermint. 

you really have to try them and check out the look and feel of the teabag to really appreciate the quality - the bags (known as tea temples) are made from delicate, biodegradable mesh and you can see every single whole tea leaf, herb and flower dancing around in the bag. i hope my pictures do this justice :)

so after a little experimentation i decided to make a jasmine gin fizz and lemon and ginger mojito tea.

so how did make them...?
firstly begin by brewing the tea with about half a cup of hot water and leaving to infuse for three minutes. allow time to cool and add cold water or ice if you want to speed it up - this dilutes it a little but may be good if you're making two cocktails at once or keeping a jug ready to make them at a bbq.

so firstly, the lemon and ginger mojito tea... a classic mojito with a twist. i'm no cocktail pro (except when it comes to drinking them) so mixologists look away now.

for one cocktail, you will need two teaspoons of brown sugar, a handful of fresh mint leaves, the juice of one lime, half a cup of cool lemon and ginger tea, lots of ice and either one or two shots of white rum.

begin by adding the lime juice and sugar, stirring until dissolved. next, add the mint and crush into the glass with a pestal. then, add the ice - crushed or in small cubes.

lastly, pour in the rum and the lemon and ginger tea. and ta da! enjoy responsibly and move onto the next one... the jasmine gin fizz. 

for this, you will need 1 part jasmine tea, 1 part gin and 1 part indian tonic water with a lemon twist. finish with a slice of lemon as with a tradish g&t. (so basically a g and... tea. get it? ;) )

and there you have it... two infused tea cocktails. thanks teapigs for sending me a selection of teabags to experiment :)

do any sound like your kinda thing? what's your signature cocktail?

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  1. Superb blog site. Like your style, also big fan tea pig tea bags thanks for tip.

    Cheers Sam