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prawn and haloumi skewers with sweet potato chips.

inspired by nando's, this prawn and haloumi skewers takes my favourite elements of their menu and makes a healthy dish that could also be an alternative barbecue idea.

i've marinated the prawns in the nando's garlic peri peri marinade (or spicier if you dare!), changed their infamous sweet potato mash into sweet potato chips and brought my favourite side dish into the mix... grilled haloumi! these can be marinated overnight, prepared in advance or done on the day; so the order that you make them may vary depending :) you will need...

shopping list (for around two people)
♥ two sweet potatoes, sliced
♥ 250g cooked jumbo or king prawns
♥ one block of haloumi, roughly chopped
♥ your fave nando's marinade
♥ a drizzle of olive oil
♥ wooden skewers
♥ silver foil

begin by marinating the prawns for at least 15 minutes, or overnight if you can. i should probably say i wasn't sent this marinade for review or anything, i just lo-ooove it. the lemon and herb one is good too but anything hotter is a bit much for me. 

the sweet potato chips, or wedges you might say, take around 45 minutes at 200 degrees. so if you're making this recipe on the day, this will be the first thing to prepare. 

simply cut them up (sweet potato takes some hacking compared to a normal white potato so get your best knife!), scatter them on a baking tray, drizzle olive oil and put in the oven. there's a real trend with sweet potato at the moment - such a brill alternative to carbs which counts as your five a day too.

the skewers are prepared simply by alternating the prawns and haloumi on wooden skewers. this is quite tricky as the haloumi has such an unusual texture - it won't just pierce through perfectly without splitting so i'd recommend using quite substantial pieces.

grill for around ten minutes on a medium heat, with foil underneath to stop the haloumi from falling through the gaps. carefully turn every so often. as the prawns and haloumi are safe to eat cold from the start, this is simply to brown the cheese and prawns to your taste.

what do you think? what's your favourite marinade? do let me know if you try!