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party canapes with pidy.

hope you're all enjoying the festive season and had a lovely christmas! this is year i was in charge of starters over at my mum's house. and since i'd been kindly sent some pidy pastry products to review, i was inspired to try out a few canapes for my family to share. it actually turned out to be like an afternoon tea style canape course which i rather liked. you could maybe try these out for new year's eve party food too! so here is what party food i made from pidy pastry (ooh that's a bit of a tongue twister!)

pidy are a belgian family company who make all sorts of pastry products ready to be filled or topped with whatever sweet or savoury you fancy. from filo to foncage and puff pastry to choux, the best thing is you don't have to worry about tricky pastry techniques and can focus on the filling! this was perfect for christmas day as of course i was only allowed a tiny section of the oven and could simply make the filling and assemble the starters moment before. 

first up was mushroom and thyme vol au vents. to make the filling, i began by melting down butter, a chopped garlic clove and around 8 chopped button mushrooms on a low heat.

after around 5-7 minutes, i added 100ml of double cream, the leaves of 5 thyme sprigs and some black pepper.

simmer down on low and stir for a further 10 minutes allowing to bubble a little. then, set aside in a jug. you can then heat this up in around 30 seconds in the microwave or hob when you are ready to fill your vol au vents.

the vol au vent casings took around 8-10 minutes in the oven. you then make a little slice in the top and pour in the filling. then add a spring of thyme to decorate :)

pidy have this brilliant little invention called a spoonette. they look so clever all laid out and i feel like people would wonder how you made them. i set my sister on making them look pretty with a spoon of soft cheese, a curl of smoked salmon and a twist of black pepper. 

as i wanted them still warm i made the red pepper, goats cheese and spinach tarts last - with pidy's beetroot coloured veggie cups. i simply grilled some goats cheese and red pepper slices with a drizzle of olive oil and black pepper, whilst wilting down some spinach leaves and discarding the stalks.

there you have it! (although my family did point out i should have arranged the spoonettes the other way round so they could pick them up - so i'll blame my sis for that!)

which one would be your favourite? i think mine was the mushroom vol au vent. 
would you cheat with pidy's pastry? psst... i won't tell!

note: thanks to food pr agency clip creative and pr for the samples. all opinions are my own.


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