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bbc good food show winter 2013.

the pastries have been baked, the juices have been squeezed, the cupcakes have been iced and the speciality spirits have been stacked with precision. not to mention the hundreds of cheese entries lovingly laid out for the world cheese awards 2013. that's right... the stalls were all set for the bbc good food show of winter 2013! i couldn't wait for my first visit, let alone my first time on the press list :) so here are a few of my favourite producers and brands from the show, as well as the food we enjoyed throughout the day. 

first to catch my eye was the little round cake company. as well as their charming, perfectly formed cakes, they had a stunning display of their signature "merangz" and tasty tarts. i couldn't help buying a chocolate and butterscotch tart for later.

we next tried a pork, black pudding and bramley apple sausage roll from coopers gourmet sausage rolls - an award winning sausage roll company based in shropshire. as well as chunky gourmet sausages with flavours such as shropshire blue, hickory smoked bbq and cranberry, they also have veggie friendly bombay potato bombs and veggie rolls!

for my lunch, i had a mouthwatering brazilian steak churrasco wrap from bull and rancher which i eyed up somebody else enjoying and instantly joined the queue. topped with chimichurri sauce and your choice of horseradish and/or mustard, you could also pick how rare or well done you wanted your meat and whether to have in a pitta, burger or as a salad. i went for rare beef in a wrap with lots of chimichurri and a little horseradish. drool.

cutting the meat in front of me from a gaucho style skewer...

my mister went for a wild boar and apple hot dog from the oxfordshire supreme sausage co. i didn't try this as, as you can see, that pitta was absolutely maaaaasive. though i'm told it was delicious!

fancying something sweet, i wandered over to the dimkin's patisserie stand to swoon over all the flavours of macaons.

mine was a no brainer... pistachio all the way :) delightful!

since i was driving, i couldn't enjoy all the amazing looking spirits, ciders, beers and wine. (okay i did have a shot of thistly cross strawberry cider...) but i did enjoy some non alcoholic beverages too. namely yogi green chai tea - which was like a sweet chai latte with all the spice and without the creamy milk. i also was pleasantly surprised by ruudz non alcoholic beer which had a smooth, hoppy and almost savoury taste with a gingery kick.

all foodie-ed out (almost) we headed back east with full bellies and lots of recipe inspiration! i've had a little bite of my chocolate and butterscotch tart but thought i'd best leave the rest for tomorrow's dessert when i can savour it.

over and out! i'll leave you with a few other foodie pictures from the day...


  1. ooh I really wanted to go to this this year but couldn't make it. It looks so much fun, look at all the food!! And hot dogs.. and just a whole world of cheese?! I'm liking the ciders.....

    1. It was amazinggg! :) The cider was lovely I wish I'd bought a few bottles now xx

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