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slendier: the 8 calorie pasta alternative.

wow, when was first introduced to slendier i saw the words low calorie, fat free, pasta alternative and was instantly suspicious. i'm very wary of diet style foods and personally think you should enjoy a mix of healthy, traceable and sustainable fresh food whilst enjoying a little bit of what you fancy in moderation :) i also really enjoy making my own pasta so wasn't into jumping into an alternative. 

i wondered what kind of "pasta" could possibly only be 8 calories per 100g and it made me think of the things i've heard they put in low calorie and diet drinks. actually, as i continued to read the press release, i was pleasantly surprised. this is actually a brilliant concept! slendier is a pseudo-carb which is actually made from konjac, a starchy vegetable which is a japanese style yam. i guess i've heard of rice made from grated cauliflower, lettuce instead of bread and sweet potatoes as chips? so since its a vegetable and not made of chemicals, i'm happy!

i wanted to try it out as part of healthy pasta dishes - so how did i get on and what did i make?

so to prepare the slendier, you pretty much take it out of the bag, rinse it for a couple of seconds, sit it in hot water for one minute and drain. the texture is a little more bouncy and chewy than that of pasta and found it more like udon or rice noodles. nevertheless, i would not eat even real pasta plain like this. i intended to make a wholesome homemade sauce :)

the first meal i made was super veg pasta with a shredded chicken breast and fettuccine shape slendier. i really enjoyed this pasta sauce; totting up at 2 of my 5 a day the sauce was made up of carrot, fennel, red peppers, basil, tomatoes and more. for someone that was using this slendier product to reduce their calorie intake, i would personally fully recommend doing it this way. plus who would feel full eating a plate of worms in comparison to a hearty plate of veg?

if we are going to count calories, this was a wholesome 323 pasta sauce + 172 chicken + 8 slendier = 503.  versus 100g of pasta being roughly 155 calories which would have added up to 650

next up on my pasta sauce hitlist was carluccio's tuna pasta sauce with the konjac spaghetti. this felt like a really excessive portion which i could not finish! yet another filling midweek meal with 150 calories knocked off. 

so what did i think? well, although i think this is a brilliant idea for a low carb diet i love making my own fresh pasta too much to replace it. however, i think we should expect big things for slendier. 

in my opinion more important than being low calorie, it is vegan friendly, gluten free, soya free, dairy free, low fat, low gi and surprisingly high fibre. what's more, it's ready in 60 seconds. there are so many special dietary requirements which would benefit from the ease of this versatile carb alternative. 

at the moment it is only just in australia but i wouldn't be surprised to see it on the shelves here soon. watch this space! 

update: slendier is now available independent health stores throughout the uk and will be launching on ocado on january 1st 2014! 

find out more at slendier :)

what are your thoughts? would you incorporate it into your diet?

note: i was sent slendier to review and all opinions are my own.


  1. I like the idea of this but I would definitely have some sort of carbohydrates as well to make sure I am full and get the energy I need. I am not keen on low/no carb meals/diets because they just leave me hungry, and too much protein is bad for you :( but this looks good for a light lunch!
    N xo

    1. Totally with you on this! I'd rather have something like sweet potato jacket or whole grain rice. I do like the idea that it is at least a vegetable though and would help gluten free diets out :) xx

  2. I was captivated by the low-cal, high fibre vegan promise of the product.

    After trying it myself, I couldn't get past the foul smell after opening the pack OR the squishy, fleshy and repulsive texture of the noodles.

    Great concept but unfortunately I'll not be buying again...

  3. I have tried them over the last 2 weeks and they are brilliant! Just like rice vermicelli.
    The trick with the fishy small on opening the bag is to soak them in hot water for 1 - 2 minutes and rinse them out and the smell goes.
    Great with any pasta sauce as they have a totally neutral taste.

    Highly recommended!


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