lamb rogan josh.

having recently been sent some geeta's curry pastes and mango and chilli chutney, it seemed like the perfect time to try out one of my favourite curries. lamb rogan josh! i followed the recipe on the back of the paste whilst adding in some spinach and chobani yoghurt to finish. i just love spinach in curries! :)

so i here i present to you a saag and lamb rogan josh with geeta's curry paste...

shopping list
serves two
♥ 80g rogan josh paste
♥ 300g extra lean lamb leg steaks, diced
♥ one white onion, chopped
♥ 400g tin of chopped tomatoes
♥ 100g spinach leaves 
♥ 50g fresh coriander, chopped
♥ your choice of rice to serve

begin by softening the onions for 5 minutes with a splash of oil on a low heat. then add in the lamb and brown for the further 5 minutes.

stir in the rogan josh paste and stir thoroughly for 2 minutes.

add in the chopped tomatoes followed by the bag of spinach and coriander. if you have a smaller pan, add bit by bit as the spinach wilts. oh and save a bit of coriander for serving!

bring to a slight boil and simmer for ten minutes with the lid on. obviously i had to take the lid off for photographic opportunities :) this smelt lovely and i was really pleased with the paste so far!

serve up on your desired plate ready for stirring in the yoghurt. i'm a massive fan of chobani these days - its 0% fat and so creamy you'd never know! so naturally this was my yoghurt of choice :)

you know what - the spices in the paste were just perfect as it tasted exactly like my favourite rogan josh. i know that sounds silly, but i can be sceptical about pre mixed herbs as i find korma pastes never taste right. what do you think?

i served with a mix of tilda white and brown basmati rice and a dollop of geeta's mango and chilli chutney. despite the "hot" labelling, i found this was a really nice heat which did not overpower the flavour. adding chilli to mango chutney is just genius! and oh my - i just discovered there are some delicious sounding recipes on the geeta's site too - including bengali prawns and saag turkey.

find out more about geeta's and chobani here :)

note: i was not paid for this post. i was kindly sent the products to review and loved them!

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