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lovely foodie finds.

a few lovely foodie finds from the last couple of weeks. i felt truly lucky to have some really thoughtful birthday presents from my friends and family - mostly food related of course - so wanted to feature them in a post. i've also been sent some brilliant products lately that i thought would fit well in a foodie gift ideas round up :) i hope you love these foodie bits and bobs and much as i do - to perhaps buy for a friend or even treat yourself!

first up are these quirky side plates from british brand joules. the colourful collection has woodland creatures such as fox, badger, pheasant and rabbit. even though my leicester connection means i should be in alliance with the fox, i think my favourite has to be the badger! but even the pheasant is pretty cute. they also have egg cups, a cake stand and even phone cases in the print.

how delightful are these? sorry if i'm going all soft on you but these are just adorable. i love the idea of sugar mice for stocking fillers - not to mention my favourite desserts bakewell tart and treacle tart in sweet form! find the sweets and more like this over at hope and greenwood.

these are cupcake cases and decorations bought for me by my friend amelia. i've already given these a whirl with vegan cupcakes we made together last week!

my friend emma got me this for my birthday too, along with the words "i don't know what it is but i think it's to do with food." little did she know i've already overused this little gadget. i even tried to chop spring onion with it the other day - but probably best just to stick to the herbs!

my mum bought me this trusty apron for a graduation present :) now i tell a lie, this isn't a recent gift! however it makes for a perfect foodie present and there are always new designs on the site. there is a similar apron here which i especially love as it says "great for gran". sums me up!

lastly is one for all the tea lovers out there. my fave being the silicone tea infuser! you can get all sort of novelty tea gifts these days so definitely an easy win on secret santa for someone who drinks tea all day long in the office.

i also got a £10 gift voucher for any book shop from my sister. any suggestions for recipe books i could get with it? send them my way! :)

note: i was kindly gifted the items by various pr companies, my friends and family. all honest opinions my own!


  1. I know I've said this on Twitter already but I do love those animal plates!
    I really want the fox because my mom and I have recently got really into singing "WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY?!" at each other at random times from different rooms :P Yes we're adults and we love it!

    1. They are lovely aren't they! Can you shop Joules from NZ? I'm loving the sugar mice though am yet to eat them - they look too cute! Also I'm judging you right now for liking that awful song ;) xx

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