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cherizena coffee: handpicked around the world, blended in leicestershire.

living in the midlands, there are lots of lovely produce local to the area. obviously red leicester and stilton for starters, amongst melton mowbray pork pies and of course bakewell tarts. we most definitely (and much to my sadness) are not recognised for the likes of seafood or good old fish and chips. definitely wouldn't expect coffee to make the list either.

and so when i was told about leicestershire based cherizena coffee i was more than surprised. obviously, the fairtrade coffee beans aren't actually grown in the below zero temperatures of LE14. but this unique family run coffee company creates and produces its delicious flavours right here in leicestershire.

since my november birthday has now passed, people are now allowed to talk about christmas around me. and now i've seen those big ol' famous christmas ads i'm more excited than ever! so when cherizena sent me their latest christmas coffee to try out that was definitely the cherry on the christmas cake.

the coffee itself is a columbian excelsior medium bean infused with a warming combination of rum, hazelnut, vanilla, cinnamon, orange and pecan. i really enjoyed it with lots of milk; which made it almost reminiscent of a chai latte with a christmas spiced twist. it certainly made my kitchen smell lovely and festive more than any candle has :) i'll most definitely be drinking this right through december - with the exception of the 24th of course - we all know how difficult it is to get to sleep on christmas eve as it is ;)

other sumptuous sounding christmas flavours include cinnamon and sticky gingerbread which can be bought ground for cafetieres and filter coffee machines. not to mention an entire menu of flavoured coffee such as vanilla nut, tennessee whiskey, salted caramel, chocolate orange and after dinner mint.

find out more at cherizena.co.uk 

note: i was not paid for this post - i was kindly sent the christmas coffee to try and all opinions are my own.

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