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product review: fruitbroo.

fruitbroo: insanely tasty hot drinks. when beky from bristol based drinks company fruitboo got in touch i was instantly intrigued. i'm a bit of a creature of habit when it comes to drinks. i'll pretty much have a bottle of water in my hand 24/7, have a coffee at 9am and 2pm, only ever drink a can of coke with fish and chips, have a soft spot for cider and now and then can be found sipping on a peppermint tea with one sugar. 

i like the idea of fruit tea but am always disappointed when strawberry tea doesn't taste like a mouth full of strawberries. and the idea of hot ribena or juice really doesn't appeal. when these little treats arrived i was instantly keen to wittle down my favourite and see if it would be something that would ever come into my beverage routine. fruitbroo is a sort of hot drink cordial made from all natural fruit and spices. to make, you simply stir a teaspoon or two of the syrup into a cup of boiling water and voila!

have you picked a favourite already? 

so first up, rhubarb, apple and cinnamon... i took this one to work with my fave mug! 

this one tasted like autumn and apple pie in a mug. i couldn't quite taste the rhubarb but basically it was warm apple pie which people a few desks away from me could smell. they tried some too :) this was great on a cold october monday morning to warm me up - yet wake me up with the spices.

next to try was elderflower and lime and honey and lemon. i enjoyed the elderflower and lime as i feel like elderflower tea is always the worst for tasting like... nothing. however, i do think this is a combination i would prefer in cold, possibly sparkling form. the honey and lemon was a bit too reminiscent of medicine for me after always drinking those kind of drinks with a cold. that's not to say it wouldn't serve a purpose if i was actually a bit ill - it really did have such a strong infusion of flavours. i could see that being good if i was feeling groggy to clear my throat in the morning.

next i took to work peach, pear and honey. this was hands down my favourite and think everyone in the office was getting annoyed at me banging on about them by this point. it was just a dreamy, peachy, sweet combination and i've almost finished the bottle! this is definitely a combination that worked as a warm drink. again the lemon and ginger is a perfect combo which was really satisfying since this is another tea i've tried which lacked in flavour. also - should say that fruitbroo isn't tea like i keep accidentally calling it - just a really fruity hot drink alternative with all the same natural ingredients. 

i then tried out the apple, ginger and spice. wow, this one is basically liquid christmas. i'm going to have to save this one because, no matter how lovely it is, it's only the start of november and i'm not ready for these kind of smells and tastes just yet. i will save it in my fridge until the first of december :) 

would i try it again? yes i think i would. i'd have the peach, pear and raspberry now and again, the honey and lemon on standby for a pesky sore throat and the spiced ones would be great during the festive season as a not-so-naughty mulled wine.

would you try out fruitbroo? what flavour do you think you'd like best?

find out more at fruitbroo.com 

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