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oi potato, leicester.

gone are the days of boring school dinner veggie burgers made up of sweetcorn and peas. for oi potato in leicester has a fab vegetarian menu set to make any meat eater think twice about tucking into their usual aberdeen angus. this is the sort of place that makes you think about interesting meat-free choices without even branding themselves as a vegetarian restaurant and takeaway.

my first experience of oi potato was thanks to newbie vegan food blogger and pal amelia. in their casual eatery and takeaway on belvoir street nearby leicester centre, the surroundings are basic and simple. this isn't somewhere for a romantic meal or special occasion though is perfect to drop in for lunch when shopping or grab a takeaway.  however their choice of burger ingredients and flavour combinations are a whole lot more fancy and complex...

care to guess what's in this bad boy? believe it or not it is made up of seaweed, leeks, crumbly caerphilly cheese, bread crumbs and oats served in a floured bun with a sweet chilli sauce. attracted instantly by the seaweed and hesitant about the pairing with cheese, this burger combination worked more than i expected. we shared two bowls of their revolutionary sweet potato fries (seriously) whilst the others enjoyed the curried chick pea, coriander and coconut burger and black eyed bean burger. 

the following week, i  had serious seaweed burger and sweet potato fry withdrawal symptoms. cue the only cure: an oi potato takeaway. i went for the same again, whilst my boyfriend tried out their rice flake toasted sweet potato and kidney bean burger, doubled up with extra cheese, and their chilli paneer chips.

with bombay potato toasties, chilli cheese nuggets and cajun spiced breaded mushrooms... who ever said a veggie takeaway would be boring?

see for yourself at oi potato :)

and if you're on a diet, i'd recommend skimming past the desserts. *cough* ferrero rocher sundae *cough*


  1. This looks like my sort of place <3
    I always choose veggie burgers over meat!

    1. They can be so interesting :) Simon Rimmer made a tasty looking one on Sunday Brunch that I wanna recreate xx

  2. That looks so yummy! I love all your recipes on your blog, great work!

    Love x

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  3. Whoa, this place sounds great! I've been planning to pop over to Leicester on the train for a while, definitely going here!

    1. Very yummy - you must! Mrs Bridges is lovely too I need to get round to blogging that place x