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wong kwei, ashby-de-la-zouch, leicestershire.

wong kwei chinese restaurant in ashby de la zouch has been there as long as i can remember. if you ever meet someone from ashby, there's not a chance they won't have been there for a meal or grabbed a takeaway. in fact they'll probably reel off their favourite dishes like their phone number. 

it's one of our fave places to go for birthdays or christmas catch ups; and having recently dined there i thought it was about time i took my camera and shared it with you.

for starters, we shared a mix of dim sum. i picked the prawn won tons; delicately crisp and packed with piping hot, fresh prawns. i could have eaten three more plates.

for the mains, there was an array of crispy beef, chow mein and stir fried veg. classic dishes that wong kwei always do well for and never skimp on portion size either. i took a few quick snaps - or at least as many as possible before a table of hungry friends dived into the feast!

but one of my favourite dishes is a little different; the scallops. with a handful of scallop dishes on the menu, i love this steamed sugar snap pea, ginger and spring onion scallop dish. melt in the mouth scallops with crunchy veg in a gingery broth. 

i also enjoyed their deep fried tofu vegetable dish (known as monks vegetables) which comes with chinese mushrooms, water chestnuts and grilled corn. great textures and a mix of healthy flavours.

we all tend to have our own dishes and share a little of this and that. i thoroughly enjoyed my plate of gingery scallops, crispy noodles, sticky rice and fresh veg. 

there's one thing for sure, writing this post has definitely given me a craving for one of their takeaways! have you got a favourite restaurant in your town which seems to have been there since forever? what's your usual dish?

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