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the basin, loughborough.

i think i may have found the best sesame prawn toast i've ever eaten in my live. where? the basin in loughborough. with a cooked to order menu packed with the best of japanese, chinese and thai cuisine, the basin boasts a beautiful pad thai, succulent sesame prawn toast and refreshing sushi platters. it certainly ticked a lot of boxes for me.

my boyfriend and i ordered a mixture of dishes to share, though he prefers proper mains whilst i could eat little bits and bobs of sushi and dim sum to my hearts content. we chose king prawn pad thai, sesame prawn toast, fresh crab and avocado temaki, cha siu pork buns, steamed prawn and pork dumplings and spring rolls. as you can imagine - i couldn't wait. 

rather like the modern decor of the restaurant, the dishes came out on clean white plates and arranging in a clean, contemporary fashion. still not too pretty to devour though. the incredible (but also rather spicy) pad thai came was stirred through with fresh and crunchy spring onions, perfectly cooked prawns and finished with a tangy lime.

with fresh white crab meat, soft roe, sticky sesame dusted sushi rice and sweet red onion, the temaki was delightful. i could go back and eat one of every flavour. 

the dumplings were moist with a crunchy wonton top, whilst the pork buns were filled with rich, sour sauce to complement their doughy exterior. i just love opening up a bamboo steamer to be greated with a gorgeous smelling mist of dim sum and the flavours to match. 

but the star of the show was most definitely the heavenly sesame prawn toast. springy, crunchy, melt in the mouth and yet not a spot of grease. perfecto. even better - a massive portion.

have you ever been to the basin? have you tried sesame prawn toast to rival this one?

if you enjoyed this and are stopping by leicestershire, you might also like little toyko in leicester.

derby road, loughborough, le11 5bx

note: i was not paid for this post or reimbursed for the meal. all opinions are my own.


  1. Replies
    1. Hehe - you'll have to make a road trip just for the sesame prawn toast! :)

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