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homemade mushroom lasagne.

a creamy mushroom lasagne made with fresh, homemade lasagne sheets and portobello mushrooms. whenever i make pasta and turn it into shapes or use for ravioli, i always think why don't i just leave it as it is one day and make lasagne? this was the day. i also fancied trying out an alternative to my usual five a day veggie lasagne and going for a something more rich and indulgent.

shopping list.
(makes two servings)
♥ four portobello mushrooms, diced
♥ two cloves of garlic, finely chopped
♥ one white onion, chopped
♥ a handful of fresh sage, torn
♥ a handful of fresh thyme, torn
♥ 100ml double cream
♥ lasagne sheets, ready made or by yourself 
♥ salt and pepper
♥ parmigiano reggiano to serve

for homemade lasagne sheets
♥ two eggs
♥ 200g strong "00" grade pasta flour
♥ a dash of olive oil
♥ a pinch of salt
♥ mixer with dough hook
♥ pasta maker (or rolling pin and elbow grease)

preheat the oven to 180 degrees.

step one. add the onions and garlic to a pan and cook on a low heat with olive oil. follow by the mushroom - remember they will shrink so don't cut them too small.

step two. after a further ten minutes, add in the sage and thyme and allow to infuse on a low heat. the moisture from the mushrooms should help but keep stirring so the mixture doesn't stick.

step three. add the double cream, salt and pepper and continue to stir as it reduces down. set aside while you prepare the pasta.

step four. if you're using dry lasagne sheets, boil them according to the recipe. if you're using fresh, these are fine to use straight away. 

if you'd like to make your own, simply combine all the ingredients in your mixer with dough hook attachment. then use the pasta machine to make thin rectangular sheets.

step five. now you're ready to assemble the old fashioned lasagne way! you know the score... layer it up!

step six: scatter over lots of cheese and black pepper. you could also add white sauce here if you wanted it to be extra creamy, but i like when the cheese and pasta have a little crunch on top.

step seven. bake for 30 minutes.

slice up and enjoy! :)

what's your favourite vegetarian lasagne recipe? do you ever make your own homemade pasta?


  1. Oh hell yeah! This is my kind of meal :) I don't eat meat lasagna, so this is up there, strangely enough mushroom is my favourite!

    1. Yey! Thanks :) Same - I really hate minced beef so veggie it is! Also makes it all that more healthy ...if you ignore the masses of cheese and cream xx

  2. Ohhh you have made me hungry! This looks delicious, I am definitely going to be trying this one! xx

    1. Thanks Emily :) Make sure you tweet me a picture xx

  3. This dish looks fabulous. Our family love Lasagne, and the pictures show clearly how easy it will be to make.