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homemade salmon burgers: easy eating with co op.

a simple summer burger for seafood lovers like myself. this homemade salmon burger patty is made up of steamed salmon, a dash of lemon, a sprinkling of fresh coriander and dill, a handful of spring onions and finely chopped garlic. make a few hours ahead for an easy evening meal or alternative weekend barbecue idea. i enjoyed mine with salt and pepper hand cut chips and a generous portion of coleslaw.

shopping list. 
for two burgers 
♥ two salmon fillets, steamed or cooked by yourself
♥ juice of half a lemon
♥ two spring onions, ends removed 
♥ a handful of fresh dill
♥ a handful of fresh coriander
♥ two garlic bulbs, chopped
♥ one egg
♥ 50g panko breadcrumbs
♥ ground black pepper
note: the burgers require at least an hour in the fridge before cooking.

for the lemon & dill mayo
♥ two tbsp mayonnaise
♥ juice of half a lemon
♥ finely chopped fresh dill
♥ black pepper

for the sides and garnish
♥ rocket leaves
♥ tomatoes
♥ burger buns
♥ coleslaw
♥ potatoes, to make chips

the chips are simply made by chopping up potatoes with a splash of olive oil, salt and black pepper. they take around 45 minutes on 200 degrees c so you can make these alongside depending on when you're dining. they keep warm in the oven just fine and are my favourite ever way to make chips.

the salmon burgers are the quickest thing to make but take a little time in the fridge to bind and set. i've found this out the hard way (i'm lookin' at you, aubergine veggie balls). in this case i made mine the night before so i could come home from work, whack the chips on and be eating tea within the hour. 

whizz together the herbs, lemon juice, spring onion garlic and salmon first. if you don't have a food processor that's fine too, you will just need to get chopping everything super fine. next add in the egg and lastly the breadcrumbs and seasoning. as this is cooked you can of course have a little taste to see if you need more lemon or black pepper.

form into patties, ensuring the ingredients are packed tight. these should be roughly 150g each if you'd like them to be even weight. don't want any arguments on who gets the biggest burger, kids! chill for at least one hour in the fridge.

prepare your sides and have your burger bun and filling at the ready! to make the mayo, mix together the lemon, mayo, dill and black pepper to taste.

when your hunger can't take it anymore, grill the burgers in a pan on a medium/high heat for 5 minutes each side and ensure they are piping hot. i enjoyed using a griddle pan as it gave it some snazzy grill marks. although i'm only just getting used to my electric hob and miss being able to control the gas burners - boo!

lay on your burger like so...

ta daaa!

what are your favourite summer recipes? do you have a "go to " burger recipe? 

this was part of central england co op's easy eating campaign - can't wait to see what all the other food bloggers and foodies come up with! :)

note: this recipe was developed by me for co-op's easy eating campaign. i was reimbursed for the ingredients featured.


  1. Damn that look tasty! Love anything grilled, never thought to have a salmon burger!

    I don't eat beef, so I loved different types of burgers, nicest one I've ever had was a mediterranean veggie burger with tomato chutney. Drool worthy.

    1. Thanks Emma! :) The most interesting veggie burger I've had was seaweed and cheese at Oi Potato in Leicester. Yum! Also Handmade Burger do a good cheesey one. Mmmm burgers... xx

  2. Looks great and a nice change from beef burgers

  3. I love the sounds of Salmon burgers and they look gorgeous. Why have I never thought of this?

  4. so like the look of these xx thnaks for sharing x