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salted caramel chocolate tart.

a weekend treat; perfect for serving as a dessert after a sunday roast. this tart is made up of shortcrust pastry, a layer of caramel with crunchy sea salt, dark chocolate ganache and a caramel swirl and dark chocolate flake topping. 

shopping list
♥ 250g shortcrust pastry, home or ready made
♥ 350ml condensed milk
♥ 100g light brown sugar
♥ 150g unsalted butter (100g for caramel, 50g for the ganache)
♥ 10g sea salt
♥ 200ml double cream
♥ 50g caster sugar
♥ 200g dark chocolate, plus a little for grating
♥ vanilla extract
♥ cream for serving

begin by blind baking your tart for 25 minutes on 200 degrees. for the first 15 minutes, bake with foil and baking beans or rice on top, then remove this for the last ten.

make the caramel by melting together the light brown sugar, 100g butter and condensed milk. i love making this kind of caramel as it has a creamy werther's original style flavour. when both tart and caramel have cooled down, but are still a little warm, pour in the caramel layer and smooth. if you'd like to create the caramel swirl at the end, save around 2 tablespoons.

next sprinkle some sea salt on top. i love to serve it like this as it gives a real salty crunch within the sweet filling.

for the chocolate layer, slowly warm the double cream, sugar and butter. add in a little vanilla extract. take off the heat and stir through the dark chocolate. the warmth of the cream mixture should melt the chocolate, although you could put back on a very low heat and continue to stir if needed.

again allow the mixture to cool to a manageable temperature. pour into the tart and smooth out.

allow to cool in the fridge for 30 minutes, then swirl remaining caramel though the top and grate the chocolate to sprinkle on top.

slice and serve with your favourite cream. for me, just classic double.

what are your favourite tart recipes? or things to make with salted caramel?


  1. This looks absolutely delicious - I love salted caramel! I might have to make a version of this but adding in peanut butter! x


  2. Love that table cloth! And the tart looks epic too x

  3. This looks amazing! Just my kinda tart!!x

  4. Thanks everyone! :D Do tweet me a pic if you try the recipe out xx