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the 50s american diner, south derbyshire.

you might have your fancy burger shacks and american milkshake bars down in that london of yours (which of course incite twitter food envy in me just about every day) but this, my friends, is like no other. 

i bring you an original 1950s new jersey diner, originally named murphy's diner, which lived on 2525 massachusetts avenue before being shipped over to the uk to become what it is today. a classic 1950s american establishment with a menu brimming full of burgers, steaks, ribs, sides and an impressive malt, soda & milkshake list to boot. 

photo credit: the 50s american diner

i've been here a few times before and it's so popular that it can be hard to get a table. since 2005, the illusive trailer can be found in the small village of church gresley in south derbyshire, standing proud in a nearby industrial estate. 

a line of around 10 booths and open kitchen make up the dining area, which is adorned with american memorabilia of years gone by. the place has real character and charm, with even the waitresses in lovely vintage red dresses and perfectly placed hair.

their 100% beef burgers are aptly named after well-known americans, such as the marilyn monroe monroe "some like it hot" with chilli con carne, elvis presley "thank you" with pineapple and cheese and the rocky "knock out" topped with the diner's own blue cheese sauce. love it. i went for the cisco kid "straight from the hip" quarter pounder with guacamole and red onion (£9.25) from their hamburger hall of fame.

i must say this was deeeee-licious. it left me evaluating why i'd never tried avocado on a burger before. some might see cheese singles as blasphemy, me usually included, however i feel in an american diner they're more or less compulsory. you can also add extra patties at £1.50 each to make your burger touch the ceiling. 

sam ordered the french poodle hot dog (£8.95), one of their hot diggity dogs served with brie, baby gherkins and crispy onions. i doubt any of my veggie friends are still reading this far, but they do quorn sausages with any of the toppings too. we also ordered a half rack of bbq ribs (no veggie option i'm afraid) which were sweet, sticky and fingerlickin' stunning (£5.25).

for those feeling brave, you can also order their statue of liberty foot long stack of onion rings. they also used to have an ultimate bellybusting dish called "the president" on the menu which practically screamed man vs. food. needless to say, we didn't dare ask why this wasn't on the menu anymore.

surprisingly i had room for dessert, and opted for one of their super thick milkshakes; reece's peanut butter cups whizzed in local dairy vanilla ice cream (£4.25). 

i don't look overly happy in the above picture, but i assure you i am. as you can see i was about to tuck into a ginormous creamy milkshake bigger than my face. hunting for little chocolately peanut gems within milkshake so thick it could hardly fit through the straw.

other flavours include apple pie, bubblegum, cola, popcorn and marshmallow. but in case milkshakes aren't your thing, they also do coke floats, stacks of pancakes, pecan pie, donuts, sundaes, waffles and (unnervingly) death by chocolate. if it's a dessert from the usa, they probably do it. sam happily tucked into a baked lemon meringue pie (£4.25) and i didn't get a look in.

it's safe to say i'll be back to try their breakfast menu and neverending coffee, for research purposes obviously.

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the 50s american diner
john street
church gresley
de11 8ej

note: we paid for our own meal and all opinions are honest and my own. 


  1. That looks brill. Hot dog looks to die go!

    1. Roz it's sooooo good there and just so different. Not far from you either :) x

  2. I want to go there so bad right now!! Ahh jealously on a Wednesday morning. Milkshakes!

    1. Mmmmm I could really go for a milkshake right now xx

  3. thanks emily what a fantastic review :)