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plum and ginger jam.

when life gives you plums, make plum jam. or rather, when i went over to my dad's for his birthday and he handed over a bucket of approximately 2.5kg of wild plums from his garden, it was probably a good time to learn how. i found this rather fantastic flexible jam recipe and as suggested, adapted it to suit me with a sprinkle of ginger for good measure.

i wasn't kidding about the 2.5kg! for this recipe though, i only used 1.5 and saved the rest for a plum chutney with a recipe to follow. after a spot of googling, i think these may be mirabella plums - any ideas?

shopping list.
makes three jars.
♥ 1.5kg of plums, stones removed
♥ 1kg preserving sugar
♥ 200ml water
♥ a knob of butter
♥ 2 tsp ground ginger
♥ 1 tsp vanilla essence

after the neck-breaking task of de-stoning and slicing up the plums, i was ready for the easy bit. 

step one. simply soften in water over a medium heat for about 30 minutes.

step two. add the sugar and allow to dissolve. bring to the boil and then simmer for around 15 minutes.

step three. delicious looking photograph, i know. you need to skim off this part and add a knob of butter to help remove any excess.

step four. although the plums were now mushy and jam like, i still thought the texture was far too chunky. whilst warm i stirred though the ground ginger and vanilla. then when cool, i whizzed up the mix in my blender to smooth it out.

step five. pour into cute little kilner jars and make pretty labels. give as presents to your family and friends so they think you're a disney-princess-zooey-deschanel-type-jam-making-goddess. 

do you have any favourite jam recipes? have you been making anything with plums this season? if you liked this, you may like this lovely spiced kiwi and apple jam from anne's kitchen.


  1. Wow this looks delicious! I can't wait to make it!

    1. Thanks :) The flexible jam recipe is so good - just choose your fruit and go! xx

  2. That sounds and looks absolutely delicious x

  3. That is a must to try- it looks delicious!