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sticks n sushi, covent garden, london.

drawing inspiration from japanese and danish cuisine, sticks n sushi is the perfect restaurant for sushi lovers and sushi doubters alike. following the simple concept of, quite literally, sticks and sushi, the menu is a mix of traditional sushi and grilled yakitori sticks with a few salads and sides thrown in. 

this could be anything from carefully crafted rainbow rolls and fresh tuna tartare to glistening miso marinated black cod and grilled king oyster mushrooms in herb butter.

diving straight into the cocktail menu, i opted for a yuzu zoo while my friend grace ordered a kiyuri delight. japanese whiskey and sake purists will also be pleased to know they have an extensive bar menu starring the likes of nikka, hibiki, sanka sake and azure by the bottle.

my yuzu zoo was a refreshing gin martini bursting with citrus flavours of the yuzu fruit, which is rather like a cross between a lemon and grapefruit. the kiyuri delight, again incredibly refreshing, combined the winning flavours of cucumber and elderflower with sake and prosecco. beautiful.

luckily for me, grace shares my love of sushi and seafood. whilst agreeing on dishes was as easy as pie, whittling them down to a practical (read: not too greedy) amount was a little more difficult.

salmon and avocado had to be somewhere in there, as one as my favourite flavour combinations. this is the black alaska roll, made up of fresh raw salmon, avocado and cream cheese and then covered in black tobiko, a flying fish roe. beautifully executed with melt in the mouth salmon and even softer avocado, i wasn't disappointed.

the soy cured salmon was an enjoyable demonstration of the japanese and danish fusion. topped with shitake mushooms, red onions and with a dill and mustard miso dressing,  this was a showstopping presentation of gravadlax meets sashimi.

now for the sticks. we went for salmon wrapped in pancetta and drizzled with a herb butter. i couldn't really see where the influences came from this one. but what i can tell you is that is was a as delicious as it looks. we also ordered ebi bites, which were a popcorn esque morsels of tempura shrimp, topped with red chilli, coriander, fresh lime and miso aioli. very moreish with the crunch you'd expect. 

after such an impressive meal, we were more than eager to try the sticks n sushi desserts. armed with a chilled glass of sweet plum wine, i delved into a matcha chocolate cake whilst grace had the four mini dessert tasters of miso white chocolate with popped rice, vanilla crème brûlée, chocolate fondant with caramel and hazelnut brittle and yuzu sorbet. 

as a fan of green tea desserts, this was divine. scattered on top were crunchy sprinkles that were almost like popping candy which danced in my mouth along with the sweet matcha and bitter chocolate. 

grace loved every of her desserts except the yuzu sorbet, although it was quite handy for cleaning your palette in between the other rich flavours. although i loved the desserts too, this could have been a great opportunity for a couple of the sweets to be danish. perhaps something with pastry, cream or spiced apples.

as you can can tell, there's not much i didn't like about the place. for me, there wasn't much that didn't take my fancy on the menu and what i did order i enjoyed. this would be the perfect place to go on dates, with a friend or large groups alike where you can eat as much or as little as you please and be as daring with sushi as you like. even better, you can book a table in advance. now i can see why everyone raves about it. and you should go find out why too.

sticks n sushi.
11 henrietta street,
wc2e 8py

nearest tube: leicester square.

note: we paid for our meals an all opinions are my own.


  1. I've only heard good things about this place, I'd love to try it out! Fab review, very detailed and the menu sounds absolutely delicious! x

  2. Oh my god. I have to go here! It looks and sounds just fabulous. Your pics are lovely too. Lovely post :)

    1. I'm torn as I want to go back - at the same time I want to try out so many places in London! Let me know if you venture there x

  3. You were very restrained in your choices. I nomally come out so full of sushi. I have only been to the one in Wimbledon which is amazing. I have heard the one in Wimbledon is better set up restaurant wise so might be worth a try if you go again. Also next time try the prawn tempura sushi roll amazing!!

    1. I know! Came out just the right amount of full :) Oooh yes yes that sounds amazing!