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trek vs. food.

fancy tucking into a legendary washington dc chilli bowl after a day at the white house? how about a cheese steak sandwich in its home of philadelphia? or why not conquer a classic american hot dog after touring the river trail of north carolina? with a mouthwatering menu of american foodie hotspots teamed with a tour of twelve american states, trek vs. food might just be for you. 

since 1972, trek america has taken newbie and well seasoned travellers alike across a variety of tours of america. 14 days travelling across the pacific coast? no problem. southern sun from la to new york over 21 days? that's cool. or go for it with the 80 days and 48 states epic american adventure? no sweat. 

the fab event saw us bowling (badly), eating as much mac n cheese as possible, drinking coca cola out of proper glasses and even man vs. food style eating challenges. but surely this all american launch event hosted at all star lanes was just for travel bloggers? why was i there? oh yeah, the food. trek vs. food.

if you love food, travelling, usa and all the above, this is one hell of a trek for you. 

from new york to new orleans, which sounds even better since it illiterates, you simply eat your way around the usa with a group of likeminded hungry tourists. you aren't just a tourist, you're a food tourist.

and whilst you're on this tantalising trek along the east coast, here are a few top tips for you from their guide book:

1. pack a pair of trousers with an elasticated waistband.
2. jog around the sites to work up an appetite.
3. swap small snacks such as apples for something more substantial like an apple pie.
4. book an extra seat for the return flight. 
5. disclaimer: the four above points are total baloney.

find out more at trekamerica.com

i also reviewed the all star lanes in manchester earlier this year - which i wholeheartedly recommend!


  1. Wow! Looks like a great evening :) I really would love to do a Trek America trip when I've finished my PhD!