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byron, leicester.

it's been a while since i ate a hamburger. i mean honestly, we're talking months. i mostly eat seafood these days, opt for vegetarian burgers when out and only indulge in a steak now and again. i'm glad i saved my meat eating days for when i went to try out the newly opened byron burger restaurant in leicester. wow. now that's a burger and a half. 

the interior had an immediate industrial feel with exposed pipes, high ceilings and a lightbulb chandelier hanging from the ceiling. either that, or i'm seriously worried that the electrician decided to wire his lights to the plumbing system. 

despite the concrete surroundings, the staff more than warmed the place up with their friendly welcomes. they had vast menu knowledge too, presumably after a taste testing training workshop to put man vs. food to shame. the tortilla chips and guacamole (£3.95) were recommended to nibble on whilst we browsed the mains.

minutes later and we had a bowl of homemade nachos and an overspilling pot of fresher than fresh guacamole. to balance out the healthiness of the avocado, i obviously had to have an oreo milkshake (£4.25) to sip alongside. sam went for their snapple peach iced tea (£3.75) to get with the american vibe.

now, just what burger would we have? keep it classic or overload with cheese? from blue cheese to bacon and jalapenos to montery jack, the amount of toppings and sauces made this a task in itself. plus the nachos and dip were incredibly distracting. just what makes the perfect hamburger? 

i have to say i was a little disappointed with the vegetarian options and feel there could have been a proper veggie burger patty made to look dirty and delicious with lots of cheese. that said, this probably isn't your number one place to visit if you're vegetarian anyway.

i went for the signature byron burger (£9.50), which has dry cure bacon, mature cheddar, shredded iceberg, tomato, red onion and byron sauce. i ordered it with extra avocado. as soon as i took a bite of this burger, every single foodie cliché swam in my mind. it was like a slice of heaven... it was cooked to perfection... it melted in my mouth... yeah. what can i say? it was pretty damn good. 

sam opted for the special shady burger (£9.95) which came with crispy cheese, pickle relish, american cheese, onion and ketchup. based on a 60 year old burger recipe from shady glen diner in connecticut, this is a magical combination of crispy, chewy and gooey. 

so you know when you make cheese on toast and then a bit of cheese escapes through the grill but you eat it anyway? imagine that on a burger. along with more melted cheese. and for the gherkin lovers, effectively a tangy pickle spread. such a shame this is a special.

so for these epic burgers that we were about to embrace, we just went light with the sides. macaroni cheese (£3.95) and skin-on chips (£3.25) to be exact. 

these sides were everything you would expect from delightfully crunchy chips to oozing layers of pasta and cheese. as for the oreo milkshake, i totally rinsed it. i like to think of it as a palette cleanser between bites of this savoury banquet.

as for desserts? not a chance. who knew that macaroni cheese could be so filling?

8 bath house lane 
le1 4sa

note: i was invited for a complimentary meal for purposes of review. i was not expected to write a positive review. all opinions are honest and my own.


  1. Wow, you ate far more than me and my boyfriend manage when we head to Byron! So glad to hear there's one in Leicester, will make a change to travelling to MK for a burger! x


  2. Looks lovely! Can't beat a good burger!

  3. I've been meaning to try this place ever since it opened and now I can't wait. Might have to take a trip after work...