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green tea almondshake.

just a really simple recipe today; a dairy free almond shake infused with green tea. super yummy and a super healthy alternative too. this is made up of sencha green tea, almond milk and natural sweetener agave nectar. i love this recipe as it's a little pick me up with all natural goodness. plus it's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

shopping list.
♥ 10g matcha or sencha green tea powder
♥ 200ml unsweetened almond milk
♥ one teaspoon agave nectar

equipment: tea strainer, blender.

(cute straw optional)

step one. brew 10g of the green tea powder with a little boiling water. allow to infuse for 5-10 minutes.

matcha or sencha green tea are brilliant as they are bursting with natural antioxidants. there's said to be endless benefits to green tea including lowering cholesterol, high blood pressure, high levels of glucose, fighting bacteria and plaque. so this is the first fantastic ingredient of the recipe. 

step two. add the almond milk, green tea and agave nectar to your blender. i like when a few of the green tea flecks escape as i feel like it actually enhances the flavour and makes the end result look pretty too.

the next champion of the recipe is the almond milk, which has 0% saturated fat, a low glycemic index and is a source of calcium. this not only has 29 calories per 200ml but it's also vegan friendly for my animal loving friends. 

last but not least is the agave nectar. i love this in particular as i have always suffered with fluctuating sugar levels and this truly helps as an alternative to sugar. growing up i was always feeling dizzy and fainting, and although i still do get a bit lightheaded when i'm in need of a meal these days, this has improved so much since learning about different types of sugar. of course, this is a lot kinder to your teeth too.

step three. whizz it up and pour! pop a pretty straw in to complete the drinking experience.

funny my blender is the same colour. i really do love the colour green, hey?


  1. Hello Emily !

    I'm going to try it this weekend for sure :-) I wanted more inspiration fore juices/smoothies and drinks and I've never tried with tea I'll tell you if it worked for me !
    Have a great weekend


    1. Thanks so much! Let me know how it turns out. Would love to hear your juice and smoothie recipes too xx

  2. Interesting recipe, will have to try this shake!

  3. Hi Emily

    I think this would work really well with match green tea as it has a powder consistency, leading to a much smoother taste, i shall give it a try.