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burger & lobster.

at burger & lobster, the choice is simple. burger or lobster? lobster or burger? or if you're feeling particularly indecisive, a bit of both when shared with a friend. i headed over to the soho branch when i was down in london last. having just been at the trek vs. food event, i'm still not sure how i had room.

like i said, the menu is pretty straight forward. the burger is £20, the classic lobster is £20 and the lobster roll is £20. i enjoyed a bl iced tea (£4.50) made from earl grey, watermelon and lemon. this was a virgin cocktail from the soft drink menu, also know as soft shells. love a pun. we were only waiting for around 10 minutes which is good going for around 5.45pm. by 6-7 though, the doors were heaving with queues.

i knew straight away i was going for the lobster, which i chose to have steamed whilst my dining companion opted for grilled. it'd have to be a pretty damn good burger for £20, since the likes of bleaker, honest and meat liquor around the £8-12 mark. i obviously can't comment and it could have been the burger of my dreams. but no, lobster for me, please.

the lobsters arrived and many lobster-type-bib-wearing pictures ensued. the light was mellow and it was hard to get a photograph, but i had to include it right? surprisingly, the hustle and bustle of the restaurant meant that noone batted an eyelid at our intense picture taking.

the lobster was quite frankly delicious. the steamed, succulent flesh fell from the shell, with a beautifully creamy but zingy sauce to accompany. i sort of forgot about the chips being there, although they were pretty good too. i was glad the salad was up to scratch aswell, since i can't stand it when restaurants just plonk a slither of lettuce there for the sake of it.

so back to the lobster. like i said, stunning. the white meat had a gorgeous texture which was enhanced by the delicate steaming, the darker meat provided a deeper flavour and the claws and legs were worth working for. 

brilliant for seafood lovers, not so much for vegetarians.

36 dean street
w1d 4ps.

nearest tube: leicester square.
other locations include mayfair, farringdon, city, knightsbridge and fitzrovia. 

note: we paid for out own meals and all opinions are my own.


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