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miso king prawn tempura.

King Prawn Tempura
Prawn Tempura Recipe

As a lovely little welcome to the Sainsbury's Food Blogger Community, the friendly lot sent me a parcel of products to play with. Guess what - it was Japanese themed. I was in my element! I've had a mini deep fat fryer for a while now, so had to get involved with homemade prawn tempura. By marinating the king prawns in miso paste, I create a miso prawn tempura recipe with a slight sweet and fruity flavour.

Shopping list.
♥ 10-15 raw king prawns - the largest you can find
♥ 60g tempura batter
♥ 90g sparkling water
♥ Miso paste
♥ Your favourite dipping sauces - I went for sweet chilli, soy sauce and a fresh lime!
♥ Vegetable oil 

Equipment; Deep fat fryer is desirable but not essential. If you don't have one you can shallow fry in a large frying pan. Kitchen roll to hand is also super helpful.

The above packet is for twice as much in the recipe - but that just means I can have tempura again soon! 

Step one. Coat the raw king prawns in a generous helping of miso paste.

Step two. Fill your deep fat fryer with oil and turn to 150 degrees according to manufacturers instructions. If you don't have one, heat up an inch of oil in a high heat in a large saucepan.

Step three. Make your tempura batter by mixing with the sparkling water. Have your prawns and batter at the ready for when your pan or fryer is hot enough.

Step four. Quickly dip the prawns in the batter and dip into the oil. I did about 5 at a time. 

Step five. Cook for 3-4 minutes - you can sometimes see the ends turning pink as an indication that they're done.

Step six. Lay on some kitchen roll to cool slightly until all are ready. (If you're not too tempted to gobble them up)

Step seven. Serve up all fancy with aaaaaaall the sauces!

Have you ever made homemade tempura? What would you coat in that deliciously light batter?


  1. Oh my god Emily these prawns look delicious! I love Miso so much, I usually cook salmon with it, but I may have to branch out now :D

  2. You make all the best things! Im coming round later - ok? :D

  3. Hmmmmm ... yummy this looks soo nice ♥♥