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chocolate afternoon tea at cuppas of rothley, leicestershire.

Love chocolate? Love afternoon tea? Live in the Midlands? This place needs to be next on your hitlist. For £13.95 per person, Cuppas of Rothley serves up a chocoholics afternoon tea in a 1940s inspired setting. The vintage style tea room, set in the lovely Leicestershire village, has a handful of charming chairs and tables where diners can enjoy traditional afternoon teas as well as lunch, brunch and light bites. 

The tea room is as quaint as you would expect with nods to the 1940s in the way of a ration book menu, vintage crockery and retro inspired food adverts. There was a homely charm that made you feel like you were in someone's front room with lots of stories to tell.

Ordering the chocolate afternoon tea, we were of course met with a pretty impressive hot chocolate. Stacked up with marshmallows and cream, it was the perfect way to what a chocoholics appetite. You can also enjoy this at the end of your afternoon tea in Cuppas' friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Having booked ahead, it wasn't long before we were greeted with our chocolately cake stand. Every was bitesize and manageable, making us both pretty surprised to finish it all without getting bored (or sick) of chocolate. 

The fresh and light sandwiches, coming in classic egg mayo, cucumber and cheese and ham and tomato, were made with super soft bread and delicious fillings. There were also some mini pastries and invitingly crispy sausage rolls.

The desserts themselves were brownies, chocolate chip meringues and sponge cake - with chocolate scones too of course! Each delectable dessert had a homemade feel making it tricky to pick a favourite. The chocolate scones were lovely too, although I'm not sure about them with jam. Extra cream though? Yes please. As well as the afternoon tea, I couldn't help but order an extra cup of Earl Grey, as despite the delicious hot chocolate I missed the idea of refillable tea.

Overall a really enjoyable afternoon tea in lovely surrounding - I'll definitely be back to try their other offerings. They host afternoon tea parties as well as a Christmas menu and afternoon tea collection. Any excuse for a cuppa really!

Have you been to Cuppas of Rothley? Or had a chocoholic afternoon tea?

Cuppas of Rothley
1 Mountsorrel Lane


  1. Oh wow! Isn't this a wonderful affair?! I love the vintage look to the tearoom. Now I'm closer I'll have to try and visit :)

  2. That looks like my daughter's kind of thing (Melody, 7)! I'm not so keen on chocolate - do they do normal afternoon tea? X