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creamy tarragon mushrooms on potato rostis.

A brilliant brunch recipe featuring a creamy mix of mushrooms, fresh thyme and sweet tarragon. A brunch recipe and it doesn't contain avocado, eggs or salmon? Am I feeling okay? Actually I'd forgotten how much I love potato rosti and how they are the base for any ideal breakfast setting. 

On the third and final recipe of my series with Albert Bartlett, today we're talking Elfe. Rather than the crazy Purple Majesty or cute Apache potatoes, these look a lot more like your regular Joe. These white but slightly golden potatoes have a lovely creamy texture which makes them really versatile. Here they formed the base of my weekend brunch... 

Shopping list.
(Serves two with 2-3 rosti each)
♥ 2-3 medium Elfe potatoes
♥ One free range egg
♥ Salt and black pepper to season
♥ 150g button mushrooms. sliced in half
♥ A knob of butter
♥ One garlic clove, crushed
♥ 2 tsp dried tarragon
♥ 1 tbsp cream cheese
♥ Fresh thyme

Step one. Begin by grated your potatoes or using a gratin attachment in your food processor for speed. Take a clean towel (although not your favourite one) and use to strain the water from the potatoes over the sink.

Step two. When the grated potato is as dry as possible, add in your egg, salt and pepper. Set aside.

Step three. Make your mushroom mix by panfrying together the mushroom, butter and tarragon on a low heat for around 8-10 minutes.

Tip: You can make your rostis at the same time as the mushrooms are frying, should you have enough space. If not, you can set the mushrooms aside and heat again at the last moment.

Step four. In another pan, fry your rostis in batches, at around 5 minutes a side on a medium heat.

Step five. When your rostis are almost ready, warm up your mushrooms and stir through the cream cheese. Add extra tarragon or seasoning if required.

Stack up the rostis, mushroom mix and garnish with fresh thyme. Ta da!

Have you ever made homemade potato rostis? Or tried the Elfe potato? What is your favourite brunch recipe with mushrooms?

For a little recipe inspiration, I also created these Mexican Hasselback Potatoes with their Purple Majesty range, an Autumn Potato Salad with Apache potatoes and a Thai Peanut, Potato and Spinach Curry with their classic Rooster variety.

In collaboration with Albert Bartlett


  1. These look delicious!!! I love rosti, I shall have to try making my own :) It's nice to see a brunch sans avo.