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5 easy vegan recipes that I love


This year was the first year I tried Veganuary. Not only did it mean we reduced our meat intake for a month, we also found so many new recipes and meal inspiration that we still try weeks later. It was interesting to say the least to try out the dairy free cheese, with varying success. The meat substitutes were much better and I found a new love for oat milk and vegan chocolate However bringing more vegetables to our dishes was the best bit. 

If you're looking to try a month of being vegan, I really recommend The Vegan Kind supermarket and trusty BBC Good Food as well as these Olive Magazine favourites or pick yourself up some bargain vegan recipe books from The Works. Here are a few of my favourite vegan recipes, which all bring out a rainbow of vegetables and pulses, with no meat alternatives in sight. 

Mexican style cauliflower steaks

One of my own recipes, but a real favourite of mine. If you think cauliflower is boring, think again. Have you tried baking, frying or grilling it? It brings out the flavour like never before.  I was really pleased with the results; a versatile texture with crunchy and crispy edges. I created a Mexican twist on it, since what doesn't go well with salsa, tortillas, chilli and heaps of guacamole.

Vegan lasagne

Vegan cheese works really well in cheese and white sauces. Use your favourite vegetables, such as roasted peppers, sweet potato and tomatoes, bake together with pasta sheets and vegan cheese sauce. Need I say more?

Jackfruit tacos

If you're missing meat, give jackfruit a try. It really is impressive how the jackfruit "pulls" in the same way beef or pork might. Slow cook with BBQ, Mexican style or spicy flavours, or give these a go from Olive magazine.

Like lasagne, risotto is an easier one to switch to a vegan version. With an avocado and basil pesto stirred through and scattered on top, this deliciously colourful risotto is packed with roast tomatoes and peppers and jewelled with toasted sweetcorn.  

We found that themed nights also worked really well - plus a great thing to look forward to at the weekend. One of these was vegan sushi, which really is vegetarian because sushi rather contains cheese or egg. Just make sure you have a vegan mayonnaise and then fill the rolls with the likes of avocado, cucumber, red peppers and carrot. For those missing seafood, the flavour will come through in the toasted nori. Delicious!

What are your go-to plant based recipes? Or vegan recipe books you would recommend?

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