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#wiaw - my first attempt at what i ate wednesday.

when i found out about the #wiaw i was so excited to take part - couldn't believe i hadn't heard about it before. started by jenn over at peasandcrayons.com, what i ate wednesday is all about documenting a day in the life of what you ate one day that week. 

what #wiaw isn't about...
comparison - judgement - restriction - guilt

what #wiaw is about...
celebrating one of the glorious things we all have in common: we all eat!
so here goes...

a bowl of of special k with a sprinkle of sugar. pretty standard breakfast on a work day for me really. 

my first coffee at work, a skinny americano with two sugars. they ask me if i'd like it black or white everytime.

12.00 midday
so pretty much bang on midday my body clock says FEED. ME. NOW. gotta say, this is pretty annoying on my days off. also my day of food has been pretty bland so far so may i introduce to you... chilli and lemon king prawn linguine with asparagus, broccoli, rocket and sugar snap peas. just recently bought a new lunchbox too - it was love at first sight. sainsbury's have also recently started doing an asparagus, broccoli and sugar snap pea medley pack - three of my faves so it's perfect!

hunger strikes... and i eat a banana at my desk whilst sheepishly taking a picture of it.

coffee time and same again please! i tried a different angle just for, ya'know, variety!

i eat tea (if you're southern, read dinner ;) ) really, really early most days to be honest. it's the first thing i think about when i get in from work and i can't go to gym without it. especially if i've resisted snacking all day!

i made paneer tikka masala almost from scratch albeit the tikka paste. was really tasty actually - i'm loving veggie meals lately! i'll put this recipe on the blog in the next week or so too.

so there you have it...  a day in the life of emily's food! i had about 4 of my 5 a day which i was pleased about. maybe 5 if you count the coriander, no? i also somehow managed to avoid a cake sale at work and the malteaser easter egg that i've been having a staring contest with for the past two weeks.

what did you think to my choices? have you ever done #wiaw or would you think of doing it in the future?

thanks to peas and crayons for such a brilliant idea!


  1. What a great day of eats. you are so good not snacking, unlike me!! I love your lunch box, that salad looks great and filling - I'll have to have a go at making it. Looking forward to the curry recipe, I've not been brave enough to oook with paneer yet myself. Hope to see lots more #WIAW psts from you x

  2. Yay. Great food! I finally managed my second one this week! Lets keep it up :-)

  3. Welcome to the WIAW party! So glad that you joined, it is always good to see UK bloggers up there :). Your dinner looks great, can't wait to see the recipe! x

  4. Thanks Stephanie! :)

    I really enjoyed it so will definitely be getting involved again. I think the rush of my two sugar coffee keeps me going to be honest. Maybe I'll be a bit naughtier on my next #WIAW! xx