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little lemon easter cupcakes.

so easter is just around the corner and that can only mean one thing in the baking world. finally breaking (or pretending you hadn't already broken) the rules of what you might have given up for lent. luckily i hadn't given anything up this year, so when the lovely people at bakingmad.com sent me some baking bits and asked if i'd try out their easter cupcakes, i jumped at the chance. i took inspiration from two of their recipes and put them together to create these little treats.

for the cupcake recipe, i followed the simple lemon cupcake one here and halved it to make 12 cupcakes. i also used lemon juice instead of lemon extract - since i had some lemons in the cupboard anyway.

for the lemon topping, i was inspired by their carrot cake cupcakes and the cream cheese frosting. i thought how nice it sounded to simply mix lemon zest with cream cheese and sugar.the ratios of this were 300g of light philadelphia cheese, 50g of caster sugar and the zest and juice of one lemon.

for the nest topping, i found something called "chocolate spaghetti" in the morrisons baking aisle which was basically just shreds of chocolate - perfect for the effect i wanted! they also had their own version of mini eggs which are a little smaller than the cadbury ones - again i thought these would work brilliantly! :) 

lastly, here's a little picture of me pretending not to pose in my new oven gloves and apron set (and new kitchen!). overall the cakes went down really well and i thoroughly recommend any of the easter baking recipes on their site - it took me ages to decide which one to pick and their chick cake pops are so cute i might have to make them too! xx


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    1. Glad you like the post - let me know how you get on :) Morrisons are brilliant for cake decorating stuff! xx