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#wiaw - what i ate wednesday - march 27th

so after really enjoying getting involved in  #wiaw last week, i've gone for my second attempt :) this was what i ate this tuesday...

i'm afraid it does start with the same cereal shot as last week albeit a different duvet cover of course. this is actually asda's version of special k which is called "vitality" and i can't tell the difference at all. moving on...

coffee time... cue skinny americano two sugars and a jazzy shirt!

feeling super hungry already, i have a banana...

12.00 midday
lunch at my desk today whilst i catch up on emails and blogging - we're without internet until mid april now and i'm not sure how i'm going to cope.

i'd made myself salmon pate and rocket granary cobs and sadly forgot my worcester sauce crisps. don't worry, these make an appearance later ;)

coffee rounds again and i have a skinny americano, two sugars. funny thing is i never drink coffee at home - always tea. despite the caffeine content in tea i'm convinced it winds me down.

i know it's naughty and my mum would tell me off for spoiling my tea, but, i've been thinking about these crisps ALL. DAY. for any americans who might read this - you need to try these!

time for tea... on the menu tonight is lamb marinated in a shallot, white wine and parsley paste, with leeks, mushrooms and an attempt at cheesy mash. i couldn't even taste the cheese but i thought the rest was pretty yum :)

winding down with housemates and our pal mr malteser egg and a cuppa.

who else got involved this week? would love to see your links! here is my first #wiaw post from last week xx

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