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homemade spinach, ham and ricotta ravioli.

having made my usual rustic parcels in previous ravioli making, i was so excited to try out this proper ravioli press. it was a little gem i found in my local tk maxx - amongst a pretty impressive baking section of various sized piping bags, decorating tools and cake tins. fellow foodies i urge you to go check it out, this ravioli maker set me back about £2. 

i feel like instead of a crazy cat lady i'm going to be a crazy foodie gadget lady found cuddling my bamboo steamer and pasta maker. i've previously made crab and dill ravioli, boursin and sundried tomato ravioli and red wine venison ravioli so this time i really fancied something with a thick ham and cheese - so i thought i'd try spinach, ham and ricotta filling!

shopping list 
♥ 100g "00" grade pasta flour
♥ 1 egg
♥ 50g spinach leaves
♥ 2 slices of your favourite posh ham
♥ 50g ricotta cheese

begin by making homemade pasta as in the recipe i first posted. i've since discovered that blending together the egg and flour is just as good as the traditional method as long as you keep an eye on it. you can also make egg-free pasta if you use olive oil and dash of water instead.

lay out the pasta in strips ready to play cut out with your ravioli press(es). allow to dry whilst you making the filling.

whizz together the spinach, every so often giving it a stir. the moisture should make it cut down without needed to add any water. then, rip up your ham and pulse whilst still keeping it quite chunky.

stir in your ricotta... and there you go!

cut out your ravioli disc with the upturned edge of the press. i have to admit i don't actually know this is correct but it seemed to work rather than using the hinged side.

place the round into the ravioli maker...

hard to gauge a filling size here but try not to overfill - i did this a couple of times and the ricotta mix oozed out a tad. if it does, just clean it off and make sure the ravioli is secure with a drop of water if needed. press tightly and voila - a little mini pasta pasty!

i made mainly medium and a few baby ones. then i served with a little of the ricotta, salt and black pepper.

what do you think to the little fellas? will be you investing in any pasta making gadgets or have any recommended recipes?

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