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shredded roast duck noodles.

a simple duck noodle dish with lots of tasty veg. this dish is gluten free as it uses rice noodles - i absolutely love the texture and versatility of them as they just absorb flavour :) i made this just for me with a gressingham duck leg though you can easily adjust to make for more.

shopping list.
serves one

♥ one roast duck leg
♥ one carrot
♥ three spring onions
♥ one or two pak choi
♥ 50g rice stick noodles
♥ one tbsp sesame oil
♥ one tbsp soy sauce (omit for gluten free option)

♥ one tbsp dried coriander
♥ salt and pepper to season 

score the duck and season with salt and pepper. shred the carrot with a potato peeler and chop up the spring onion and pak choi, separate the light and dark ends of the spring onion and keep the pak choi end for deco. i love the idea of using them as rose print stampers too :) set aside for later.

preheat an oven to 180 degrees. get a frying pan really hot and place in the duck with no oil skin side down - it will cook in its own juices. after 10 mins, flip back over and place in the oven for a further 10 minutes.

next, boil some water and pour in two saucepans. 

in a medium one, begin to boil the rick stick noodles. 

in a smaller one, add in the pak choi and water with no hob heat on and allow to wilt. 

after five minutes, drain the rice noodles and stun with a blast of cold water. this will stop them cooking. 

next add to a wok (sorry lots of washing up) with sesame oil, soy sauce, coriander and the veg. you could also add chili oil, sesame seeds, ginger... whatever you fancy!

remove the duck from the oven and allow to rest for ten minutes. keep the wok on a low heat whilst you shred the duck with a pair of forks.

toss together in the wok and whack up the heat, stirring continuously. 

after just a couple of minutes it should be heated through. this looks so much bigger than it was in this wok picture!

what dya reckon? have you made anything similar or have any other asian vegetable decoration ideas? :)

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