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cafe bruxelles, leicester.

cafe bruxelles as a lovely bar in leicester which serves speciality european beers, complex cocktails and, i've recently come to realise, an appetising menu too. not to mention, a beautiful ceiling hey? i remember first going there with my dad near on ten years ago and always recall him ordering a leffe blond. so, having recently got into trying out a few groupon deals, when i saw cafe bruxelles on the leicester offers i snapped it up straight away. a three course meal and bottle of wine for £24 - you can't go wrong really!

a friendly greeting and a cold bottle of rose promptly made its way to our table. it really did feel so strange not perusing the menu for something to order. i totally checked it out anyway.

first up was the soup of the day - tomato. you could really tell it was homemade and it was annoyingly quite filling as i wanted to save room for the upcoming mussels and wafflles! i can't fault it really but i probably wouldn't order a starter of soup unless it was a really unusual flavour. 

next came the highly anticipated mussels in white wine sauce with bread AND chips. ohh yeahh! the pictures didn't work out so well on this post and it makes the onions look strangely dry. be assured they weren't - look at all that sauce. now that is a soup i'd finish.

i totally indulged in dipping my chips in that white wine and cream sauce. and my my it was good. i think i would've rather not had the soup and had two pots of mussels to myself. lastly came the belgian waffles with vanilla ice cream...

i could barely finish this but managed to somehow fit it in :) then we rolled off home and watched back to back episodes of breaking bad. i think for £24 that full meal with wine was absolutely brilliant. i will definitely be returning, although will just be ordering the mussels next time!


  1. Showing my age - but I remembered how exotic the place was for Leicester when it first opened. That ceiling!

    1. So lovely isn't it! Glad to see it's still bringing people in :)