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midlands bloggers #chofeast at edmunds, birmingham.

this week, i was kindly invited to a chobani inspired feast along with some other midlands based bloggers. the setting was edmunds at six brindley place, a five star fine dining restaurant set by the city centre canal. so i set off west, excited for the chofeast and meeting a few new local blogger faces. 

the idea was that the incredible edmund's chef didier philipot and his team created a menu using chobani as an ingredient in each of the dishes. i went for goat's cheese to start, fillet steak for main (gotta be) and raspberry souffle for pudding. i was really pleased with my savoury choices though was secretly skeptical about the souffle as i would never choose that kind of pudding and always go for something chocolately or nutty. would my view be changed? 

i was greeted by a chobani inspired cocktail, made with passionfruit, orange, rum, malibu and unsurprisingly chobani. it was a little like a smoothie version of sex on the beach. however lovely and dangerously drinkable it was after one sip, i saved my alcohol allowance for a small glass of refreshing wine with the meal :) next, the chef came out to explain a little more about his chobani creations. as you can see the place is quite small and intimate - just the right size for our meet up!

we enjoyed some warm bread and butter whilst amuse bouches made their way to us. the bread i tried was soft and white with a sesame seed topping. mmm. 

the amuse bouche was a celeriac and potato cream soup. absolutely delightful. even though we were in a posh restaurant noone could help but dip the bread in the little cup. i'd never tried celeriac in a soup before but will definitely be tracking some down or attempting to recreate.

the flavours of the starter were harmonising and complex. there was the buttery goats cheese against the earthy beetroot base and beetroot puree, along with sour but creamy chobani dressing reminiscent of their blueberry yogurt i sampled a few months back. the blueberries cut right through this and made me consider actually having a few blueberries on my cheeseboard this christmas. 

next up was the main event: the fillet steak with lemon and tarragon sauteed potatoes and a rich mushroom and chobani cream jus. the chef had explained that the potatoes were from the north of france and were a particularly resilient and sandy variety - this seemed to make them quite crispy compared to any other sauteed potatoes i'd tried before. i asked for the steak rare and it was perfect (cue fork picture) you know a steak is good when you just have a normal dinner knife to cut through. 

the sauce was strangely moreish but at the same time too rich to have much of it. i enjoyed the mushroom's flavour and texture though perhaps would have wanted something larger or more of them as i ran out of elements to eat inbetween bites of steak. 

it was getting quite late by this point and we hadn't noticed the time... almost 10pm! and i had to get back to leicester for work the next day! shrewsbury based foodie laura and i worriedly checked the train times with the help of vintage bakery owner jess and roz of the foodie couple and their trusty phone battery. (i'd practically used mine up taking food pictures... doh). 

and then, the beautiful raspberry souffles arrived; fluffed up and delicately risen with a slight tinge of pink. the waiting staff sliced a little cross in the top and neatly placed our vanilla ice cream on top in one fell swoop. the chobani element here was that the chef had whipped it into a mousse like consistency. heavenly and light.

and you know what - it was worth the wait. sadly, i practically inhaled it before dashing for a taxi rank and making the 22.15 train. not before taking a photograph of course. foodie priorities hey? ;)

this was a funny post really because it wasn't a review of a restaurant since this menu was a one off, of course it showed how brilliant the chef's skills are and the versatility of chobani - though i don't think i'll be able to recreate that souffle anytime soon. (if anyone can, please come over and cook for me). in all though it was a brill night and was lovely to finally meet amy from chobani as well as roz, jess and laura :) thanks to edmunds too!

also, when i reviewed chobani not long ago i did try out a king prawn pasanda curry recipe that perhaps you'd like too. bring on their new flavours!

find out more about chobani and the brilliant story behind it at @chobani_uk or www.chobani.co.uk 


  1. Hey Emily,

    Chef Didier Philipot's creations using Chobani for each course was amazing. We wouldn't mind rewinding time just to go back and relive that night! The souffle was lovely and fluffy - really glad that it came out just in time before you had to go and dash off to your train!

    Absolutely beaming that you enjoyed your night with us!


    1. Thanks again for the invite! :) Totally going to try out making my own souffle soon - was so gorgeous and felt bad rushing it!! xx

  2. It is really nice sharing. Thanks for the sharing and just keep up the good work.

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