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sushi express, sheffield.

it was when i lived in sheffield that i really got into my love of sushi. you wouldn't believe how many little independent japanese gems there are in the city; sakushi, edo sushi, wasabisabi, yami sushi and perhaps my favourite (though not by much) sushi express. when i went to sheffield the other weekend i made sure i had a reunion with their sushi delights before an evening at some old haunts.

don't be fooled by their name sounding all so similar to that well known pizza chain... their freshly made sushi and delicious hot dishes are as authentic as they come. there isn't your usual sushi belt here as everything comes to order from their open plan kitchen.

i chose an ice cold kimura japanese lemonade to sip on. which, as the waitress opened it for me, i realised had a glass ball inside. mesmerised by this, i ending up keeping the bottle and now have it on my bedroom shelf. the lemonade tasted pretty good too. 

in the background is a taster of a fruit juice (which now i can't find on the menu to tell you the name) that actually had a cloudy lemon yet almost sour yogurt taste. this was lovely - can anyone remind me what it is?

first came the smokey miso soup with crunchy spring onion and soft tofu pieces.

i order lots of little bites as i love trying lots of small dishes. these are gyozas packed with chicken and chinese chives (£3.50 for 5) which had a lovely bite to them whilst still retaining the glutinous texture of the won ton pastry. the dip had a sharp vinegar taste which i enjoyed but still preferred by old faithful soy sauce.

i then ordered avoacdo maki (£2.60) and roasted salmon maki filled with crab stick, cucumber and the salmon laid on top with a little chilli powder and mayonnaise (£3.20). excuse the cliche but these were almost too good looking to eat. i love the presentation at this place. if you order temaki (hand rolls) they come in a wooden holder displayed like bouquets. although i ended up too full to order one!

my boyfriend had gyodun (£7) which is thinly slice beef marinated in sweet soy sauce served with sticky rice. the total opposite to me, he prefers one main hot dish which luckily always seems to be a hit :)

now, i know i said sushi express had a mostly traditional menu, but they have a magical dish on their menu which makes me grateful of their occasional modern influences. i introduce to you - the salmon and bacon skewer. these charred, buttery salmon skewers (£2.80) are a delight to eat/devour. 

for dessert i had to have their wasabi ice cream. i usually enjoy a trio of black sesame, green tea and wasabi though they had sadly sold out of the other flavours. this was made up for by a new addition of a chocolate wagashi - a japanese confectionary made mostly of plant ingredients which i've since learnt comes in so many different textures and forms. 

this one was quite crumbly with a quite dense bite to it - really different to describe if i'm honest. there was a hint of chocolate with an almost tea like aroma. as for wasabi ice cream, i absolutely love how it has the taste of wasabi without the heat. a really acquired taste. 

another long overdue review as i'm certain to return. especially now they've stamped up my loyalty card which i started back in 2010! have you ever been to any of the sushi places in sheffield? which is your favourite? 

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