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grilling steaks with the tefal optigrill.

Just like eggs cooked your favourite way or the perfect cup of tea, there's no doubt there's something to be said about a well cooked steak. For me, I love a rump steak seared until rare and served with peppercorn sauce. So when I was asked if I'd like to give the new Tefal Optigrill a whirl, I jumped at the chance to review this kitchen gadget which promises to grill any steak to your liking every time.

As you can see, the Optigrill stands only at about foot wide. A lightweight piece of equipment, I was initially really surprised at how compact the grill was compared to my heavy mixer, Coffee machine and even the bystanding wok. Of course if you had a limited kitchen area it might not be something you'd keep out; but since it also cooks chicken, fish, veg, burgers and sausages it might even take over your designated microwave space.

The look and feel would go with a lot of kitchen colours too, with the handle feeling really secure and durable as you pulled it down. Call me petty but I couldn't help thinking I wish they did a green one like the lovely colours KitchenAid do.

As you may have seen from the Tefal TV advert, on the steak setting the dial changes colour to indicate if your meat has been cooked from rare to well done. Of course this definitely wouldn't apply to chicken in which case you can use the manual feature too. 

The Optigrill cleverly senses the thickness of your steak between the plates and adjusts the cooking time accordingly. My advice here would be to use as thick steaks as possible, as my steaks were not picked up by the sensor at first which wasn't helped by them being pressed down by the plates. You can again cook the steaks manually though i think a built in timer would have made things even easier here.

The lines on the grill not only mean the fat drips from your steak without the need for any oil, but you also get the fancy lines on your meat. You'd think the fat dripping away would mean the steak wouldn't be as juicy; this was definitely not the case as the meat was just as succulent and tasty as it would have been with a knob of butter.

As you can see I served my steak with sauteed asparagus and cheese and thyme mash, which was made from baked potatoes. For this we simply baked the potatoes and scooped the potato out of the skins. (I did feel kinda bad as i think the skins are the best bit!)

We also served with lazy bearnaise sauce from asda, although i'm not even ashamed as it was delicious and sometimes a girl just hasn't got time.

Having cooked my steak for three minutes for rare (even speedier as it cooks both sides at the same time) i rested for ten minutes whilst I served up the accompaniments. 

In all the Optigrill is a great, versatile piece of kitchen equipment. at rrp £149, it would have to be an investment for someone who thought they would get the value of all the settings and be committed to making the purchase worthwhile. For healthy cooking, it's especially fantastic. though for me, who only has a steak as a treat once in a while, I think there is something about using a frying pan that I prefer. 


Sleek design
Easy to clean 
Dishwasher safe removable plates
Healthier method of cooking
Automatic settings
Versatile meat options
Grill lines in meat
Value for money if you'll use it lots


Difficulty in sensor reaction if steak isn't thick
No timer
Price tag

What do you think? Would you be tempted? Most importantly, how do you like your steak cooked?

Oh and just for the record, I like my eggs poached and gooey and my tea strong and sweet.

Note: I was sent the Optigrill for purposes of review and all opinions are my own.


  1. I love a good Kitchen gadget, I've always been put off these types of grills due to the fact they're difficult to clean - George Foreman I'm looking at you. But this sounds like a dream, definite food for thought, great review! x

    1. Thanks Ala :) I would defo give this full marks on the cleaning side of things! I have a BBQ George Foreman which is a nightmare. This is quite dinky and good for everyday use xx

  2. My George Foreman has just broke so looking at alternatives, thanks for this! :)

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