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christmas jammie dodgers.

it's that time of year again... time for christmas baking! i especially love getting festive ideas from fellow foodie bloggers, as well as browsing markets for cute christmas products and getting lost on christmas recipe pinterest boards. the mackays baking challenges are especially fun to follow, as their high quality, innovative preserves are such a pleasure to work with and the foodies are all really enthusiastic about their creations. 

this summer i made bakewell tart macarons with their premium morello cherry conserve. this season i was gifted their new mulled wine christmas jam and christmas marmalade with cranberries. with a newly purchased biscuit cutter and letter stamper i was armed with a plan... christmas jammie dodger inspired biscuits!

shopping list. 
♥ 100g caster sugar
♥ 150g good quality butter, room temperature
♥ 150g plain flour 
♥ 50g ground almonds 
♥ one free range egg yolk
♥ festive jam
♥ icing sugar for dusting

you will also need a round cutter, heart shaped cutter, rolling pin and cling film.

step one. cream together the butter and sugar. i cheated in the elbow grease department and used my new kitchenaid spatula attachment, as recommended by sophielovesfood

step two. add in the flour and ground almonds, followed by the egg yolk. combine well. 

for a nut allergy friendly alternative, omit the almonds and replace with more flour. i just think the almonds give a lovely subtle nutty flavour.

step three. wrap in cling film and chill for 30 minutes. 

step four. when ready, roll out on a floured surface and cut out circle shapes. remember you will need an even number - mine made 20 which will create 10 biscuits.

step five. on half the biscuits, cut a small heart shape in the middle. 

step six. if like me you have a letter cutter, you can now create some fun festive phrases and stamp these on too. 

although i thought this would be a lovely activity, i have to admit that this cutter is the most annoying piece of equipment i've ever used. this pretty little personalised stamper with its fiddly little letters tested my patience like nothing else. i will definitely be using it again over christmas for personalised gifts, but i think better attempted when not hungry.

step eight. bake for 20-25 minutes on 180 degrees c until slightly golden. 

i did find the lettering slightly faded so if anyone has any tips for this they are much appreciated! on the other hand, i quite enjoy the rustic effect.

step nine. spoon the jam on one side of the biscuit and push the two sides together until the jam oozes through the heart.

step ten. dust with icing sugar and serve.

i absolutely love this jam! made up of strawberries, raspberries, redcurrants, blackcurrants, red wine and mixed spice, it has a truly divine festive flavour which is still bursting with berries. if you see it on the shelves, you should definitely buying for your christmas day breakfast. 

what will you be baking this season? do you have any ideas for what i should make with the festive marmalade? i'd love to hear your christmas recipes!

note: i was sent some complimentary christmas preserves as part of the mackays christmas campaign.



  1. These are lovely, adore the biscuit cutters! x

  2. Love these Emily!! How was the attachment? There is a way of lowering it slightly if it still doesn't pick up some mix from the bottom of the bowl...I've just not tried it yet. Also, amazing stamp!!!x

    1. Thanks! Yes it's fab - I'll have to experiment with that. I love the stamp but it's just so fiddly arghh! xx

  3. LOVE these! Where did you get the cookie stamps from?

    1. Thank you! I got them from a quirky gift shop in Manchester. However I've looked and they have them on eBay - there are row style stamps there too xx

    2. I was just about to ask the same question!! I've seen stamps before but not ones you can personalise with your own message.

      These biscuits look so cute, such a lovely idea

  4. Oooh, nothing beats a jammie dodger! I like the idea of adding marmalade to them, I'm a sucker for orange flavour ANYTHING :) The stamps look awesome!

    1. Thank you! The marmalade they sent looks really good - though haven't had a play yet xx

  5. These and cute and yummy all at the same time. Where did you get the letter biscuit cutter, I now need one? #FestiveFoodFriday

    1. Thank you Julie! I got it from a gift shop - but you can buy similar on ebay xx

  6. These are just the perfect Christmas biscuit! Love the phrases and the addition of that delicious sounding jam. Feel your pain on the cutter, I have some super cute letters that seem like such a good idea until you realise how fiddly they are, worth the effort though! Thanks for sharing with #festivefoodfriday :)

    1. Thanks Sarah! Think I'll be making ones with family names on - if I have the patience ;) xx

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