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cooking with mash direct: veggie hash and bangers & mash.

i've got a confession to make. it's a rare occasion that i actually make mashed potato. okay i said it. does it make me a naughty food blogger? i just actually like the varieties of mash you can get these days, not to mention the laziness of having to wait for potatoes to boil. i use premade mash in bakes, in pies, with steak, in gnocchi... i even used it in gluten free lemon drizzle cake. 

so when mash direct got in touch with their farm cooked fresh potato and vegetable delights, i cleared my diary and prepared for a week of potato eating that bodger and badger would be jealous of. 

"how can there be a business just based around mashed potatoes?" i hear you cry. actually, i was baffled by the varieties on offer. it put me to shame really, with my lack of imagination around even just the simplest of basic mash. from mashed turnip to kale gratin and chilli bakes to bubble & squeak, mash direct is a haven for anyone looking for creative carbs and veg with a twist. they also have seasonal offerings, with the likes of neeps & tatties, buttered brussels sprouts with bacon and st. patrick's day suppers. 

so what did i make?

on day one, i couldn't resist the cheese and onion croquettes any longer. i served with herby salmon and the broccoli cheese. a bit of a funny combination but in my mind i was thinking a balance seafood, veg, carbs. they both were utterly delicious and easy to just bung in the oven together for 25 minutes. 

for the next dinner, it was veggie sausage and cheese mash with some peas, spinach and red onion gravy. comforting and delicious, not to mention easy. see i do have a few days off from hugging my pasta machine i promise. 

later on in the week i fancied making something hearty, warming and nutritious. i had a few vegetables in the fridge and the two remaining mash varieties left, so decided upon a veggie style corned beef hash, without the corned beef of course. 

step one. i began by simmering together some chopped garlic, onions, mushroom, quorn and baked beans with mixed herbs and an extra dash of tarragon.

step two. pour into a ceramic dish and top with mash of your choice; i first added a layer of carrot and parsnip followed by classic potato.

step three. add black pepper and lots of cheese. bake for 30 minutes on 180 degrees c.

serve up for a heartwarming hug on a plate.

what would you make with mash? do you have any foodie cheats or confessions to make?

find your local mash direct stockist here...

note: i was send a selection of products from mash direct for my considerations. all opinions are honest and my own.

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