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#getflavour with loyd grossman's limited edition mint masala.

everyone has their favourite curry, their favourite way to make it and their favourite accompaniments. mine has to be salmon tandoori skewers served with homemade tikka masala sauce; not too spicy and with lots of tomato, cream and garlic. sometimes though, it's easy to be naughty and reach for a jar which is ready made and good to go. 

the likes of loyd grossman have always been there when i need a curry in a hurry or pasta in a flash. so when their friendly lot got in touch about a new flavour, i was intrigued. what springs to mind when you hear the words mint masala?

which a cute little parcel with everything i needed except my choice of meat or veg, i couldn't wait to get started on a blog post which would actually involve minimal hovering over mixing bowls and that impending bowl of washing up.

i opted to go for a quorn chicken style pieces and spinach in my mint masala, although you can find their recipe with chicken here. i mostly use quorn in my curries (unless i fancy fish) as i feel it really absorbs the flavours, whilst i love wilted spinach in indian side dishes such as saag paneer and saag aloo. i also just read that this particular sauce is one of five a day, which is always a bonus.

i'm not even going to do proper steps for this one, you guys know the score with curry sauces. quick, easy and minimal effort. i began very simply by cooking through the quorn and then adding the sauce. next, i added the spinach and allowed to wilt down. 

in the meantime, boil, cook or grill your accompaniments of choice. in this case i did basmati rice and the mini loyd grossman garlic and coriander naan breads. they're great actually, as if you give me a full size naan bread i will most definitely eat it all.

that's all folks! believe it or not, my boyfriend didn't mind washing up that one saucepan either.

as for the flavours, they were super tomatoey (is that a word these days?) with chunks of red pepper and tomato throughout. the mint was a lot more subtle than i expected although you could certainly taste it along with hints of cardamom, warming ginger and a slight zing of citrus. to my surprise it wasn't spicy at all, so those who love a kick could add extra red chillies. in future i'd definitely bring in the recommended fresh mint and coriander leaves just to lift those fresh elements even more. 

what is your favourite curry? would you ever cheat with a jar?

note: i was sent a box of complimentary loyd grossman products. i was not expected to write a positive review or otherwise. all opinions are my own.


  1. I often use jarred curry sauces for ease - sometimes after work I don't want to cook for too long. This looks delicious!

    1. I agree - sometimes you just don't have time! It was really tasty and different - definitely try it if you spot it on the shelves xx

  2. This flavour sounds great. I'll have to check out if it's free from :)