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vegan pistachio chocolate truffles.

these chocolates really are as easy as a b c, 1, 2, 3 and as simple as do re mi. with just three ingredients, the dairy free delights are really fun to make in a variety of chocolate shapes. wrap up as gifts for your vegan friends or keep the secret to yourself - the choice is yours!

shopping list. 
♥ 100g dark chocolate
♥ 100g creamed coconut
♥ 2 tbsp pistachios, shelled

equipment: a chocolate mould, pestle & mortar.

step one. crush the pistachios in a pestle and mortar.

step two. scatter half the pistachios in your chocolate mould. this creates an effect with the pistachios at the top of the finished chocolate. i got this lovely mould from ebay, where you can find all sorts of heart, cup, square and star shapes - i can see myself getting quite addicted!

step three. set aside your mould on a plate or baking tray ready to pour in your chocolate. 

step four. on a very low heat, melt your chocolate and block of creamed coconut very slowly in a saucepan. do not let it get too hot or boil - if you have a cooks thermometer then the melting point of chocolate is between 85-90 degrees c. 

keep stirring and use as little heat as possible to keep shiny. as the mix melts, you may even be able to take it off the heat and allow the coconut to melt just in the heat of the dark chocolate. 

step five. stir through another tablespoon of pistachio through the chocolate mix.

step six. carefully pour the mix into the chocolate moulds. 

step seven. allow to cool completely. this is better at room temperature to help keep the shine, although cooling in the fridge is fine too. 

step eight. carefully remove from the moulds and try not to handle - they melt really easily! 

there you have it! switch out the shapes, try out a different flavour or type of chocolate as you wish. most of all... enjoy! i've since made some white chocolate, vanilla and toasted almond truffles too. not dairy free but yummy all the same. although i especially love this method of making vegan chocolate as it creates a milk chocolate style flavour with hint of creamy coconut.

what would you put in your perfect chocolate recipe? what recipes do you know with three ingredients? i read this recently which was really cool - with the likes of flourless chocolate cake, mozzarella sticks and veggie burgers all made from just three elements.

note: this recipe is part of the #powerof3 food blogger recipe challenge with intellicig, which is made up of just three ingredients. i was reimbursed for the ingredients in the recipe. all thoughts are my own.


  1. These look incredible, love how the pistachios can be seen poking out like little green jewels. Will defs be giving these a try this Christmas holiday!

    1. Thanks! :) I was pleased with the effect - got some of the pink pistachio bits too xx

  2. My god, this looks amazing. AMAZING! Coconut and pistachio are some of my favourite things for chocolate. I can't actually form a coherent comment because there's nothing else to say.

    1. He he he thanks Emma - I'll take that as a good thing! :)

  3. Love your photos of these chocolates they look beautiful. I think I'm going to make lots of foodie Christmas gifts this year, these would be lovely in a pretty little box for someone.x

    1. Thank you :) I've bought some boxes so watch this space. Edible gifts are the best xx

  4. these look really yummy, will be trying them during the holidays!

  5. I like the mould. It's a fab way to make personalised chocs for friends, according to what they eat and the nuts/fruit/flavours they like with chocolate.

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