sweet success in christmas cake decorating.

i should probably say that the blog post title is a nod towards nottingham based bakery and sugarcraft shop sweet success who were kind enough to set me this christmas decorating challenge. not me bragging about the beautifully presented cake above. for that, i have their fantastic christmas cake decorating kit to thank, packed with everything i needed to create the perfect festive pud. including this little fella, who i'm going to call cupid.

the morning began with a knock at the door and this cute little parcel plonked on my doorstep. (don't worry, the postie does watch that i actually come and collect it but i think he's got used to the 15 minutes it takes me to stumble around searching for my glasses and house keys). the box was lovingly packed, came super quick and the contents within were fully intact from their little trip across the east midlands.

within seconds i'd unwrapped the box to discover an assortment of quirky christmas decorations, the christmas cake essentials and the all important instructions. luckily i actually took the time to read these and realised that the cake would need to be decorated over two days, since it works better when you add the marzipan and icing layers separately. 

so off i went on the first layer, which involves using warm jam as glue, rolling out the marzipan and smoothing over the top. the kit contained lots of top tips on how to achieve this... but that would be telling. i also used the christmas jam from mackays which i used in my recent christmas jammie dodgers recipe.  

first layer done, off i went on a much needed run and awaited the next day for christmas decoration continuation... 

as the blue peter saying goes, here's one i made earlier/yesterday. i repeated a similar process with the sugarpaste layer, along with an abundance of icing sugar.

now for the crucial decorating choosing ritual. would i go all out? keep it simple? maybe just a smiley face? the temptation was to throw everything on as all the little pieces were so charming and festive. however since cupid had already stolen my heart, i opted to go simplistic but vintage inspired with him as the star of the show. sorry santa.

as many of my posts go... ta da! i scattered with sieved icing sugar "snow" and made some tracks in the icing to look like the deer's footprints.

so fun and really got me in the festive spirit! it would be a fab idea for an early christmas present, decorating with children or for big kids like me. having never made a christmas cake before, this was perfect for leaving out the boring bits (aka feeding a cake alcohol for six months) and keeping in the fun, interesting and skillful parts with a step by step guide. the only thing that was disappointing is i had to take the decorations off in order to fit in the cake box...

the christmas cake decorating kits retail at £10 complete with fruit cake, marzipan, sugar paste, cake board, box and decorations. specialising in ready to decorate cakes, their cake shop can by found in hyson green, nottingham, which i'm told is a real treasure trove for baking enthusiasts.

what do you think, sweet success, did i live up to the christmas challenge?

note: i was sent a complimentary christmas cake kit for purposes of review. all opinions are honest and my own.


  1. Looks like an amazing idea - the finished cake looks great !

  2. This looks so good! I can't believe how cheap the kit is, it'd make such an amazing gift, and what a great way to cheat at making your own cake! haha. I've actually never worked with sugarpaste or this kind of decorating because it always looked so hard but I'm very tempted by this :) x

    1. Such a good idea hey! I really want to go to the shop xx

  3. What a great idea! (Sneaks off to check if there's a website...........)

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