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the festive tag.

everyone is loving these festive tags lately, aren't they? i should really be wrapping some christmas presents right now. instead i'm watching nigellissima, drinking a snowball and answering these rather christmassy queries. could i get any more festive? since both the lovely amelia of xameliax and michael of the bearded bakery both tagged me up in similar seasonal blog posts, i've merged the questions into one festive blog bonanza. enjoy...

one. favourite festive food.
how can a foodie even attempt to answer this one? it's a roulette between brussels sprouts, pigs in blankets or as much cheese as i can consume in a month.

two. favourite reindeer. 
blitzen. next.

three. favourite day of christmas. 
christmas day of course! i usually work through most of christmas although am rather excited to have christmas eve off. feet up, candle on, mince pie in face.

four. favourite christmas song. 
this has to be 2000 miles by the pretenders. classic. closely followed by laura marling's goodbye england, covered in snow. that's a real weep into your glass of gin kind of tune.

favourite present. 

what a tricky one! as you can imagine i get lots of foodie goodies for christmas, although i loved last year for a homemade apron from my mum and the year before that for a pasta machine from my grandparents. i also loved my secret santa this year which was a personalised mug from my blog header!

six. favourite festive film. 
gotta be home alone and home alone 2, right? in my opinion the sequel was better and i'm not even counting home alone 3. i'm also not ashamed to say i love the grinch, which i've already noticed will be aired on christmas eve. yey!

seven. favourite festive cracker toy. 
a bottle opener is always handy. a plastic spinning top, not so much.

eight. favourite cracker joke. 
q. what did one snowman say to the other?
a. can you smell carrots?

nine. favourite christmas decoration. 
i love all my mum's retro snoopy decorations from way back when! this is the first tree with me and my boyfriend this year and we have a rather fetching gingerbread man (or woman) so far.

ten. favourite christmas scent. 
i've just jumped on the yankee candle wagon and am actually loving this christmas memories one. smells like you are baking something delicious and cinnamon-y, but all the time.

eleven. favourite christmas tv ad. 
the bear and the hare sticks in my mind. loved the animation and still love the song. oh, john lewis.

twelve. favourite festive tradition. 
we don't really have any sadly. it seems to be a tradition for the last few years that i go round my mum's and make lazy eggs now, which i'm doing this year too. 

thirteen. favourite place to spend christmas. 
i've been lucky enough to spend christmas in mexico, hong kong and australia in previous years. however i'll always be a home bird and ashby de la zouch is the place for me.

fourteen. favourite christmas fact. 
on no, i don't think i know any! according to this article, japanese people enjoy kfc for christmas dinner though. 

fifteen. favourite snowman accessory. 
believe it or not i hadn't considered this before but i suppose a nice stripy scarf is... nice.

what are your winter clothing staples
oversized jumpers, chunky scarves, thick socks and big boots.

what is your favourite make up for christmas
i don't have much interesting make up, so it's a nice chance to get my favourite ysl red lippy out or go for smokey eyes. more than likely though, i'll be wearing a quick bit of eye liner and my hair in a top knot.

and lastly one i've added for fun... christmas cake or cheese board
cheese, duh.

i'm going to tag emma of fork good foodrosie of rosie posie's puddings and pies and natasha of unorganised chaos. good luck and merry christmas!


  1. Right, this is happening either tm when I'm pretending to work or Saturday when am dying of a hangover :) xx

    1. I feel the hangover option will make for interesting answers ;) x

  2. First off, yes to over sized knits and a good scarf. Yes to the GRINCH. AH YES. Cheers for the tag, I'll get on it!

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