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creme egg bakewell tart.

Easter is an exciting time for baking. So much awesome pancake, chocolate, hot cross bun and Easter baking inspiration. Not to mention delicious Mini Eggs and Creme Eggs hitting the shelves ready to be devoured. And that can only mean one thing... Creme Egg baking recipes! It's no secret the Bakewell is my all time favourite dessert, so here it is with an Easter twist! (Plus - a generous helping of Nutella!)

Shopping list.
Shortcrust pasty, or 200g ready rolled shortcrust. For gluten free, see my gluten free pastry recipe.
♥ 125g unsalted butter, melted on a low heat
♥ 100g caster sugar
♥ 25g light brown sugar
♥ One free range egg
♥ 125g ground almonds
♥ 2 tsp good quality cocoa powder
♥ Nutella
♥ Three Creme Eggs
♥ 25g flaked almonds

Step one. Blind bake the pastry in a 20cm tart tin on 180 degrees for 15 minutes. You do this by covering in baking paper and then baking beans or rice. 

Step two. Meanwhile, make the frangipane by combining the melted butter, sugar, egg, almonds and cocoa powder.

Step three. When the tart case is ready from the oven, allow to cool slightly but keep the oven on 180 degrees c. Smooth a layer of Nutella evenly on the base. 

Step four. Secondly, smooth over the chocolate frangipane mix. 

Step five. Slice the Creme Eggs in half and distribute on the top of the tart. Scatter with flaked almonds. 

Step six. Bake for a further 30 minutes, checking and turning half way. Cool completely and enjoy!

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Not to mention egg-cellent Easter recipes such as Tin & Thyme's Spicy Chocolate and Orange Easter Bundt and a Hazelnut Easter Egg Cake from Recipes From a Pantry!

All together now... Drool.


  1. Now that looks like an Easter bake I'd be delighted to have a slice of - chocolate, nutella and creme eggs.

    1. Thank you! Mmm yes as much chocolate as possible :)

  2. This looks seriously amazing! I love the addition of the nutella. Definitely my favourite creme egg recipe I've seen :) x

  3. Wow...... that really is a thing of beauty! Its the perfect marriage of three of my favourite things - creme eggs, almonds, and nutella :) Yum!

    Jennie // Scarletscorchdroppers


  4. This looks like SUCH an interesting recipe Emily, so creative! x

  5. Ooh love this and can imagine just how almondy and yummy this Creme Egg Bakewell Tart is! Thanks for linking to my Creme Egg Brownies:-)

  6. Wow - does the frangipane taste like marzipan at all? It's what I hate about bakewell tarts but it would be awesome if this just tastes of chocolate :)

    1. Not as marzipan like as a classic Bakewell as I think the jam adds to it. But it is pretty nutty and quite it a deep chocolatey flavour with the brown sugar xx

  7. OMG How original and such a great idea! This sounds wonderful thank you!

  8. OMG!!! this looks like heaven am seriously going to have to try this :)

  9. Bakewell tart and creme eggs are my hubby's two favourite treats. If I make him this I reckon he'll think he's died and gone to heaven. I must give it a go.

  10. A fabulous recipe which inspired me to make my own version with crunchie bars - thanks ever so much for sharing :)