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gluten free millionaire's shortbread.

An indulgent millionaire's shortbread recipe, that's also gluten free. The classic recipe has a gluten free shortbread base, syrupy caramel and a naughty double chocolate topping. Since there is no reliance on gluten like with bread and pasta, I've found gluten free flour works really well as a like for like replacement in shortcrust pastry and most crumbly, biscuit like recipes. without further ado, let's get baking!

Shopping list.
♥ 200g gluten free plain white flour
♥ 60g caster sugar
♥ 210g unsalted butter, softened at room temperature
♥ 90g light brown sugar
♥ 320ml can of condensed milk
♥ 200g white chocolate
♥ 50g milk chocolate

Equipment; a square baking tin or silicone mould, a piping nozzle, a skewer.

Preheat your oven to 180 degrees.

Step one. Make the shortbread by creaming together the flour, caster sugar and 120g of the butter. the rest of the butter is for your caramel.

Step two. Bake on 180 degrees for 12 minutes.

Step two. Make the caramel by melting together the remaining 90g of butter, condensed milk and brown sugar on a low heat. The caramel will be creamy and golden, like a werther's original sweet. 

Step three. When your shortbread is baked and slightly cool, pour over the caramel and allow to set. you can use the fridge here if you want to speed things up.

Step four. When the caramel is set, melt your white chocolate and pour on top. then, melt the milk chocolate and pour into a piping bag.

Step five. Pipe lines of milk chocolate along the white. then, while still wet, use a skewer to drag the chocolate lines the opposite way. Apologies I haven't got a photograph of this - piping and holding a camera isn't advised!

Step six. Allow to set before cutting into squares. Make sure it is completely cool, or even flash frozen, as otherwise the caramel will ooze out of the sides.

I took this into work as a thank you for my colleagues for voting for me in the destinology recipe competition. Still can't believe I won and I wish I could send everyone on Twitter a slice of cake too. Just goes to show how far baking promises can bribe people.


Do you have any favourite gluten free baking recipes? Or perhaps any twists on the classic millionaire's shortbread?


  1. Ooooh it looks amazing, am recently GF so a good one to add to my collection! Have half a tin of condensed milk left in the fridge from another recipe so will be giving this a go pronto :-)

    1. Glad you liked! I love condensed milk caramel - a bit old school but so creamy and delicious xx

  2. Oh wow! These look delicious :) You've got the marbling so perfect, think mine would be very wonky if I tried!

    1. Thank you! Any pretty pattern will do :) I've done swirls before too! X

  3. These look delicious - millionaire's shortbread is one of my favourite treats! I do a lot of gluten-free baking and find gluten free flour reasonably easy to use now, especially in cakes. You're making me hungry!
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

  4. Thankyou for sharing, im gluten free so these would be amazing to make x

  5. These look out of this world and to perfection :-)

  6. These look out of this world and to perfection :-)