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pressure cooker texas style beef brisket with the tefal clipso.

In the last few years the low 'n' slow cooking revolution has truly excelled. Barbecue competitions, soul food joints and weird and wonderful marinades have flourished with the growing want for juicy, flavoursome and fall-apart meat. 

This sounds all very well but other than when I'm snoozing I can't remember the last time I stayed in my house long enough for a joint of meat to slow cook in my oven (safely) for 8 hours. Also, I'm yet to invest in a slow cooker. Enter... the loyal pressure cooker. I've tried out pulled pork, stews and even paella in my trusty Tower contraption. So how will the swanky new Tefal Clipso fare in the pressure cooker league table?

With a pretty hefty 6l capacity, this is one substantial piece of kit. And yet, so much lighter than you'd expect. The build feels very secure and solid, which is very important for me as pressure cooking still gives me nerves. Especially when I hear tales of lids shooting through the roof and such. 

There are different pressure options too, which is fab as you don't want to cook a hunk of meat in the same way you might a light vegetable stew. Either way pressure cooking keeps all the goodness in, but it depends how you like your veg. I like to think of pressure cooking as fast slow cooking, as it seems to have the same effects of slow cooking in half the time. It is also fine whether you're looking on electric or gas. Bonus!

You may have noticed there aren't many food pictures higher up, so not to make my veggie pals sad. If you are veggie, get involved with a vegetable stew in the pressure cooker - they are awesome! But if you're down for grub of the Texas smokey beef brisket kind, scroll down for meat...

Shopping list.
(Serves two, with leftovers)
♥ 1.5kg beef brisket
♥ Your favourite American style marinade
♥ 150ml water
♥ Four brioche buns
♥ Salad garnish

I was sent this Newman's Own Texas Style Rub to try out earlier this year and was waiting for the right dish. Well, this was surely the one. I have a pulled pork concoction too - so watch this space.

Step one. Cover your beef brisket in the marinade and allow to soak up the flavour for as long as possible. I left mine in the fridge for around 4-5 hours.

Step two. Pour the water in the bottom of your pressure cooker and lay the meat in the metal basket which should be provided. This will create a steaming effect.

Step three. Secure the lid of your pressure cooker and turn up the heat. There will be an indicator on the lid, such as a plastic tab, which pops up when it is a maximum pressure. When this pops up, start your timer for 1hr 30 minutes. 

Step four. Turn off the heat and safely allow to cool before removing the lid. It will still be piping, but just safe for you to touch without scalding yourself.

Step five. Slice up and devour... I dare you try not eating any before layering up in a bun with BBQ sauce. I was really impressed with the deep flavour of the Texas rub too - it was honestly as if it had been mulling for hours and hours. 

Also worth noting that I bought FOUR brioche buns from Aldi for 99p. What an absolutely bargain. They were gorgeously springy and delicious too. I served up my buns with chunky coleslaw and a rocket salad. What would you have yours with?

I then had some of the divine (if I say so myself) beef leftover, so cubed it and threw it in a chilli with lots of beans and chopped tomatoes. It was pretty awesome. Apparently the Clipso is really easy to clean too, says my boyfriend.

For more pressure cooker recipes, see my Pressure Cooker Paella and Pulled Pork Chinese Buns...

Note: Post in collaboration with Tefal. All recipe and photography is my own.




  2. Love your new site layout, illustrations are perfection! :) Great recipe too, have never used a pressure cooker before... they kinda scare me.

    1. Thanks so much Emma. I do know what you mean but I've got used to it now! xx

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